My Go-To Look

Happy Monday!
There are two things that my closet will always filled with: blazers & prints.
Blazer: Charlotte Russe (different color here) / Pants: Zara (similar) / Shirt: Target (here)
Shoes: PoshMark (similar) / Bag: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: Prima Donna 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here)
I definitely have my moments when I’m not really sure what I want to wear.  It doesn’t matter how many clothes we have, as women, we all go through this!  I can be super indecisive at times, especially when I have an event or something special to attend.  Instead of planning out an outfit ahead of time, I usually wait until an hour before I have to leave to figure it out.  All my life, I have thrived off of last minute pressure, in every aspect.  It’s bad though, because I give myself anxiety for no reason lol.  So whenever I get stuck, I always end up wearing “my go-to look” which is a pair of printed pants and a blazer.  It’s simple but chic and the printed pants are always the perfect statement piece.  I’ll just add a necklace, bold lip, and out the door I go!  Do any of you have a go-to look as well? 
I wore these houndstooth pants once before and I was long overdue to style them again.  I didn’t want to keep it all black and white, so this burgundy blazer was the perfect pairing and pop of color.  I even like the little bit of print mix with the stripes on the sleeves.  It’s subtle, but it works.  I swear that this black top from Target has been such a lifesaver for me.  It’s the only one I have that is long enough to wear with these types of pants.  I have seriously worn the hell out of this already and it was only $22!
I ended up wearing this to the Old Navy summer preview last week and they were doing fashion illustrations.  Here is mine!

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I’m about to board my flight to San Francisco! 
Hope you all have an amazing day my loves. 
  1. WOW I LOVEEEEEE that pattern on you girl!

  2. Those pants are awesome!! You totally rocked them.

  3. Super cute Naty!

    Cyn from

  4. Such a chic look! I do the same thing with outfits & then always say I have nothing to wear (even though I have a closet filled to the brim)! I love the illustration of you!

    Crumbs & Curls

  5. Super cute! I am a huge fan of printed bottoms.

    Fashionably Kay

  6. Great pictures and a lovely outfit – amazing pants! 🙂

  7. Lovev this look!

  8. Absolutely, love how flattering this is on you!!!! You look stunning!!!


  9. Love the look! It gives me British harlequin life! Werk!


  10. Omg love ur blog!! I made mine a few months ago.. Can u check it out?? I have NO viewers 🙁

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