Hey loves!  I got a great email this morning.  Last week I signed up for Baker’s Shoeternity.  Someone on my instagram told me about it and after checking it out I thought it was pretty cool.  Basically you submit your looks, create a profile, and people can vote on your outfits.  You can win look of the day, look of the week, and win a free pair of shoes!  They get a lot of submissions and a lot of people on there don’t even vote so I submitted 3 different looks so far not even thinking that it would get voted on. I didn’t promote it either. Well 2 of my looks won “Look of The Day” already and one of them just won LOOK OF THE WEEK!  Bakers also tweeted my look to their followers last week 🙂 I am getting a free pair of shoes and my outfit is also featured on their Facebook page… I thought this was great recognition for me! 🙂  Check out the pics!

I don’t know what shoes I will be winning yet but when they send them to me I will post a pic!  If you have any outfits that you would like to submit just go to and sign up!! 🙂

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