Naty Grams

I just got to NYC a few hours ago and I’m all checked into the Empire Hotel for the first few days of fashion week!  I can’t wait to share more of my experience. I have an outfit post coming tomorrow hopefully, so I thought today would be perfect to catch up on my Naty Grams!  Make sure to follow me on instagram if you aren’t already @natybaby.  I will be posting a bunch of photos from NYFW and probably videos too.  I will also post on here as much as I can.  I cannot wait to get back into my normal routine.  But for now, here’s my life recently via instagram.

At the Empire Hotel! Rocking a funky casual look with this H&M hat & my adventure with me tee.  

Foodporn. Great lunch in Hoboken.
Sneak peek of some NYFW pieces that I’ll be wearing.
Shoe options for NYFW.
New goodies.
Birthday celebration. 
Flowers for my angel.
Old Navy Holiday Preview. 
BEBE’s #be9to5 launch party.
Mirrored Sunnies.
Lemonade Theme birthday party cupcake. 
Super cool drawing an IG follower did!
Met Rebecca Minkoff & Bryan Boy.
Thanks for bearing with me this week!  Lots more to come. Love you guys! 
  1. Oh so many beautiful shows! That drawing is so cool!

  2. Enjoy Naty!

  3. Oh my! Enjoy! I'm only going to one fashion week show this year but I'm so excited! I'm hoping to get the opportunity to go to more in the years to come!


  4. How fun! Rebecca looks tall lol

  5. Beautiful photos. I absolutely enjoy your instagram! 🙂

    Love Mavin

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  7. Dab

    Oh gosh you having a great time babe, i love mirror sunnies , can't wait to see your next post , love !!!

    Xoxoxo just enjoy

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  12. wow you always look so fly, i love fashion and i can't wait to attend my first fashion show

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