New Feature: Shop My Instagram!

Hey babes! I’m really excited to bring you a fun new feature that I recently added here on my blog. You can now Shop My Instagram! The best part about this is that you can do it
directly on my site. The SHOP is now featured in my navbar. There’s no need to enter your email address and wait for product details and no need to take any screen shots. I wanted this to be a super easy way to give you guys access to both the clothes and beauty products that I am wearing. There are a lot of photos that I share to Instagram only and not the blog. I often get a lot of questions about what I’m wearing too.  I don’t usually link the products on IG like I do on here. I have in the past, but to be honest it never really worked for me. I’ve always been a bit cautious about telling you guys to shop what I am wearing in every post I share. I want the option to be available to you if you’re interested, but I don’t want to be all up in your face every day about it either. lol I feel like this is a happy medium! 😊

I will be updating this section frequently each week to ensure that I am making this the best shopping experience for you all! I’m going to do my best to link the exact products, but if they’re not available I will be linking a bunch of similar options, just like I do here with my style posts. The page is really easy to navigate. You will just click on the photo that you are interested in and all the products listed will appear below it. Just click on the product that you want to buy and it will take you directly to that site. I love that it’s all here on my blog for you. The photos in this post are a few of the ones listed in the shop right now. Let me know if you guys have any questions and if you like this new shop idea.

Also a quick little spoiler alert! My newsletter is SO close to being done. I’ve been working hard on it with my designer to ensure that it’s cohesive with my site. I wanted this to be
another way to connect with you all each week so that I could share updates and other fun news and info. As soon as it’s ready to launch, there will be a new section on my navbar and other areas on my blog where you can subscribe to the newsletter. I promise to not
overwhelm you guys by sending out emails every single day. I am also going to be making a few updates and design changes to my site this year as well. I want to make sure that it stays fresh and up-to-date! I’m excited for all of these new elements that I am implementing and hope you are too. My hope is to continue to make this the best possible experience for you every time you visit my blog.

See you tomorrow with a new style post! ❤️

  1. wow!! Loving this!!
    Mónica Sors

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