New Year, New Fitspo

We are just about done with week 3 and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been staying
consistent with my new fitness journey. A huge personal goal for me this year is to take
better care of my body in all aspects. I’ve been eating really clean and paying more
attention to the foods that I am putting into my body. I still use the 21 Day Fix containers as my guideline each time. I’m working out several times a week at home with the BBG program and adding in at least 1-2 Cyclebar classes. I also get in 1-2 days of cardio outside. I honestly feel great you guys! You have no idea how amazing it is to have FINALLY gotten out of the crazy rut that I was in last year. It got to the point where I was not sure if I would ever find that inner motivation to get back into a healthier lifestyle. I was literally eating so crappy and I became so inactive. I hated the way that it made me feel. I have a long way to go to hit all my goals, but I am just so pumped for this new direction that I am taking in my life right now. Accountability is key!


Danskin Now:  Zip Up Hoodie | Sports bra | Leggings

I teamed up with Danskin Now once again to check out some of their workout gear for the winter season. I swear that new workout clothes motivates me even more. Does anyone else feel that way? I found this thumb hole zip up hoodie that’s lined with Tech Fleece Dri-More fabrication. It’s been great for walking/jogging/running outside because it’s not too bulky and still keeps me warm. I totally have this thing with thumb holes lately too, so I have to admit that’s part of what drew me in! It’s just really comfy and I love the bright pink color. I feel like I tend to gravitate towards all dark workout clothes, so I have been trying to mix it up a bit. Once the warmer weather hits, I know that I will be switching it up even more. You can’t see in the photos, but I’m wearing this sports bra that also has that Dri-More finish. I started wearing it for my low impact workouts and so far it has been super comfortable. I love that it’s not too tight on my back, making it easier for me to move around. It also dries quickly,which is a great thing!

I’m always stocking up on black leggings, so I found these Danskin Now Ankle Sport high-waist ones that were super comfortable. I honestly prefer mid to high rise leggings. I’m not in a place yet where I feel comfortable to wear low rise. Maybe one day in the near future though?!  These leggings have a hidden pocket on the inside that’s great for putting your house or car key in when you’re headed out for a run. How convenient! I’m all about
pockets. I went a size up on these and they ended up being a little long, so I just folded them under. #4’11probs. I love wearing these for my at home workouts and jogging or
running outside. I know it’s winter, but luckily we have gotten some great weather mixed in with warmer temps, making a workout outfit like this perfect!

As always, the best part about Danskin Now is that their pieces are super affordable. I mean you seriously can’t beat their price point. They’ve been getting in lots of cute and stylish workout gear too, so make sure to check them out at Walmart, where they are licensed exclusively! What are some of your fitness goals for this year? We got this girls! 💪🏼

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Danskin Now. All opinions expressed are my own and this was not edited by any third parties. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Naty Michele.
  1. Liv

    Love your workout style!


    • Naty

      Aw thanks girl!! xo

  2. Good luck with your fitness journey. I’m trying to ealt healthier and work out at least 4 days a weeek. Need to keep focused
    The Color Palette

    • Naty

      Thanks so much girl and wish you luck too! We both can do it!!

  3. I love the bold pink color! Bright colors are the best for workouts! I get the short people struggles when it comes to leggings.

    • Naty

      Totally agree! In a weird way it’s more motivating! I see the comment box works better now, yay!

  4. I cant wait till I can get back to running. I had surgery so I have to wait until March-April before I can start back.

  5. Love the inspo! That bright pink jacket is everything.

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