Today was such an incredible and amazing experience for me!  It was my first time going to a real fashion show in NY and during fashion week.  Words really can’t express how I feel right now.  I’m so appreciative that I was given the opportunity to go.  There were photographers EVERYWHERE and I was even stopped for my picture a few times and I even saw them taking candids of me.  I felt like a celebrity for a few minutes lol.  I spotted the model Toccara from America’s Next Top Model.  She was at the EMU show I went to and I also saw her at Lincoln Center.  There was another model that Alina spotted too.  Now I need to tell you all about it, share some photos and of course show you what I wore!! This might be my longest post yet so I hope you’re ready 🙂

I was slightly freaking out about my outfit because since it was my first time going, I didn’t know how to dress, but it was actually a perfect choice!  I have on a leopard print boyfriend blouse from Lovers+Friends that I got at Suite201.  It’s an amazing oversized button down sheer blouse.  I tied it at the waist.  I paired it with my liquid leggings from H&M and my Steve Madden booties.  
It was a cold & rainy day so I also wore a new parka style jacket that I recently bought at H&M.  It has gold buttons and zipper and ties at the waist.  Here I am outside the Lincoln center! 
 Here’s some pics from the first show at Style360: EMU.  It’s a line from Australia.  Their fall collection was inspired by natural elements of Australia and Nordic fur trends.  There was a wide range of neutrals and subtle placements of earth-like colors.  Their footwear featured a lot of sheepskin and Nappa leather styles.  They are known for their continued focus on sheepskin innovation.
This line was all about layering, boots, headwear, earmuffs, gloves, and scarves.  I saw a lot of fur vests too.  Both of the shows that we saw were at Style360 in downtown Manhattan but in between shows we went to the Lincoln Center to check out the scene and grab some lunch because that is where Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is actually held.  It was amazing.  I also got to go into the VIP lounge which was pretty cool 🙂 Here’s some photos. 
Loved this.  It was inside the VIP lounge. 
The shoes and clutches matched the colors of the interior and exterior of the cars.  It was really cool and they also gave us 2 essie nail polish colors that matched the cars as well. 
This is just part of the room at Lincoln Center.  There were different set ups all around the room.  The one showing here was a hair station! 
I snuck a pic of this girl because I loved her outfit!  The maxi skirt with the fur vest.  Too cute. 
The Lorax was at fashion week too! lol 
Here’s Alina in the cab!  We weren’t able to get a good picture together but she had on leggings and booties as well with a one shoulder top and draped blazer style jacket. 
The next show we saw was for THEIA.  I am in love with this line.  The designer really is amazing.  It’s all gowns and dresses.  The inspiration behind the fall collection comes from the Goddess Athena, an invincible woman imbued with the powers of intellect and nature.  The collection featured armored embroideries, burnt sequins, and crumpled pearls.  I was blown away.  There was 31 pieces in this show so I am going to share some of my best shots.  I was much closer to the runway this time 🙂
I also got little goodie bags from EMU & THEIA.  Yay for some free stuff 🙂
 I am already looking forward to fashion week in September and going to different shows.  Now I know what to expect and how to dress. 
Sorry this post was so long but I couldn’t wait to share my day and experience with you all!! Hope you all had a great day too.  <3 

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