Planning Ahead

Being organized has always been a constant struggle for me.  There are times when I really stick to it and I keep a clean space and a filled planner.  Then, there are also many times that I allow clutter to pile up and can go weeks without scheduling or jotting down to-do lists. (monkey covering eyes emoji should be inserted here) I’ve noticed that the less organized I am, the more anxiety I begin to feel.  The saying is so true, “a clean space = a clean mind.” For 2015, I have made a promise to myself to stay more on top of the things in my life.  Right before the 1st, I cleaned out my room and my office and was able to let out a huge sigh of relief.  I mean seriously, it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Not to mention I feel so uninspired when things are messy.
 I can’t just go off of memory anymore.  I’m definitely getting forgetful in my old age
 (sort of joking, sort of serious lol) and I realize how important it is for me to keep up with a planner on a constant basis.  Scheduling, lists, goals… these are all great things to jot down as they are reminders of what needs to be done & what you hope to achieve.  I have always believed that the key to success is both organization and consistency.  This is why I was so happy to team up with At-A-Glance for their new 2015 collection!  They are all about style and function for young professionals.  I picked out a weekly and a monthly planner.  Now for me, having both is perfect because it will allow me to keep one in my office (monthly) and one in my bag (weekly) whenever I am on-the-go.  Last year, I found that many times I forgot my planner at home and would forget to write things down.  All I will have to do is cross-reference and keep both updated.  The weekly planner is a little smaller and lighter than the one I had last year, so I think this will be much easier to take around with me.  The monthly planner is a bit larger, so this will find a home in my desk drawer. 🙂

They also sent these Dual End Adhesive Notes.  They’re little, but a good way to jot down reminders.  One end is marked with “Today” and the other “Tomorrow,” so these are great to stick on to the planner itself.  They sent this List Maker too, which I really like, because it already has specific times marked down.  This makes scheduling my days a bit easier too.  There is also extra space at the bottom of the pad for any other notes or things that you need to include.  In a world where computers and smart phones have taken over, it actually feels good to physically write (not type) things down.  Keeping up with a planner involves a little bit of discipline, but you just have to make it part of your daily routine.  For me, as soon as I finish pouring my morning cup of coffee, one of the first things I am going to do is pull out my planner and to-do lists.  I can do this!  And so can you. 🙂

Now I am not always dressed up when I work from home.  There are plenty of times when I stay in my pajamas or sweats, but I have realized that when I do get dressed up to work in my office, I feel way more motivated!  The colors on these planners reminded me of the Spring (can’t wait for it) so I decided to wear this floral print top and a black pencil skirt.

To help make your life go a bit smoother and keep you organized, At-A-Glance is running a photo contest on their instagram page where you can win their collection AND a $100 Visa card! To enter, just submit a photo on instagram that shows an outfit that will help you to be successful in 2015 and tell AAG how they can help with your success then tag #myAAG and #entry.  Also, you can get free shipping on any AAG purchase. Now let’s get organized! 😉

 This post has been sponsored by At-A-Glance.  All opinions expressed are my own and this has not been edited by any third parties. 
  1. Love this post! I'm an OCD freak and always looking for planners and the perfect org routine. Stay warm! oh and organized 😉

  2. Great tips!

  3. I love this post sooo much!! I also have a blog called keeping it naturally I would love to collaborate with u someday. 🙂

  4. This was such a good post! It's nice to know there are others who have difficulty staying organized and on top of these but like you I'm working on it. For some reason it is actually easier for me to stick to physically writing any plans in my planner than on my computer or smartphone, I think the physical act of writing it helps me remember easier. I love your office by the way, it's too cute! 🙂


    • It's definitely hard to keep up but so worth it! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  5. Who took these Pictures? Nice Work tho!

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  6. Naty!!! <3
    I am always so fascinated with your writing skills, and this one is no exceptional! I know you are a native English speaker, but I can't help thinking I wish I could write my blog like you!!!! xoxo Hope to see you in person this year!


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