A Pop Of Color

Hello loves!! This weather switch up is driving me crazy.  I heard it was supposed to snow too, but hopefully it won’t.  I shot outside today without a jacket on.  Probably not the best idea but I did it for the blog! lol I was wearing an olive green peacoat from H&M by the way 🙂  

I’m wearing tan/khaki colored skinnies from H&M.  When I bought these, they didn’t have my size so I went a size up.  As you can see they fit kind of loose on me so I am hoping I can shrink them a little bit.  I love these pants but I hate when they get a little baggy around the knees!  I have on a mint green loose fitted top, also from H&M.  It’s actually supposed to go off the shoulder but I prevented it from doing so by putting on my faux fur vest!  When I got this shirt I knew I wanted to pair it with these pants, and last night I decided this vest would be a great finishing touch.  I have on my Jeffrey Campbell Litas.  This shot really shows how chunky they are!  Some people love them and some hate them.  As you can see, I love. 

I have on my absolute favorite statement necklace that I thrifted.  I still can’t believe I found it.  I’m wearing some of the same accessories as yesterday but added a double finger cross ring and this other suede charm bracelet with hearts.   This envelope style clutch is also my favorite as you probably know by now.  It’s made by NYC Expressions and was a great find. 

I like how the green top adds a nice pop of color to this outfit since everything else is neutral.  The necklace and clutch are also great additions because they really make a statement 🙂  Accessories are key elements to any ensemble! 
Happy hump day 🙂 
  1. Love the outfit! 🙂

  2. Love this color on you!

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