Post Christmas Update

Hello my loves.  I am back and hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones.  As most of you probably already know from my Instagram, my grandmother passed away last Monday.  I took a much needed break from the internet and social media to be with my family and allow myself to feel whatever I was feeling. Losing a loved one during the holiday season made this even harder on me, especially since I’ve already lost my father and don’t have him here for these special moments. I do believe that they have reunited in Heaven though and I’m sure that they were celebrating Christmas together yesterday. It breaks my heart to see my grandpa without his wife of 70 years, but I’m making sure to be there even more for him so that he knows he is not alone. We have two Angels watching over us now.

Yesterday was so special because it was my niece’s first Christmas. She honestly made me smile and laugh so much. It was such an amazing reminder for me to just be in the moment and appreciate all of the things and people that I still have in my life.  Considering all that happened within these last several days, we decided to make it a very low key holiday and stayed in our PJ’s all day and night. It’s exactly what we needed and I am so happy that we decided to do it.  Mia has been such a big blessing for my family and I look forward to celebrating so many more moments with her. It’s incredible watching her grow up right before my eyes. I am a proud auntie.

 It’s still such a hard time for all of us and there is sadness in my heart, but I really need to continue to use this as my creative outlet.  In so many ways, it’s therapeutic for me. While it felt amazing to be away from my phone all week, part of me was longing to reconnect with everyone. Just like this blog helped me get through the hard times after losing my dad, I know it will continue to help me today. It keeps my mind occupied and helps me focus on the future that lies ahead. Since this is the last week of the year (still can’t believe it) I wanted to get a few more posts up before 2017. I had to push my posting schedule back last week, so I am planning to share all of that this week instead. There’s a Christmas themed post coming up tomorrow as part of a fun partnership that I did a few weeks back. I hope
you enjoy it.

I was completely blown away by all of the messages of love, support and strength that were sent to me, so I have to say one more time THANK YOU!! You are all amazing and I
appreciate you so much. ❤️

  1. We sure are happy to have you back, Naty! Don’t ever stop doing what makes you happy and complete! Much love to you and your family.

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


    • Naty

      Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive! xo

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