Preppy Meets Edgy

What I’m Wearing

Jeans: TopShop | Blouse: Ramy Brook | Jacket: Charlotte Russe 

Booties: Target [similar style] | Bag: Prima Donna 

I notice constant changes with my style and I think that’s how it should be, right?  I look back on outfits from last year that just don’t feel like ME anymore.  It’s all part of the evolution of personal style though and I like the direction that I am heading in.  I always do my best to focus on affordable fashion because that’s been part of the foundation of my blog.  As I get older though, I do find myself gravitating towards higher priced pieces as well, usually with items that I see as an investment and a staple for my wardrobe.  I am learning how to combine these “highs and lows” and love it!  I know that my readers range from high school & college students to women in their 30s and 40s.  That’s a beautiful thing and I do my best to keep everyone in mind with the pieces that I put together, while remaining true to myself in the process.  I will always wear what I love and what makes sense to me whether that’s a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots or a Charlotte Russe jacket.  The beauty of fashion & style is not the brands that you are wearing, but HOW you are wearing them.  

When I was in Ireland, I went to the TopShop in Galway and was probably a little too excited about it.  I’m in NYC so often, but truthfully never stay there to shop.  I don’t have a TopShop close to where I live in Jersey and for some reason it seemed so much more appealing going to the one in Ireland.  For months I have been searching for the perfect pair of black knee ripped jeans and finally found them in Galway for about 50 Euro.  No lie, these are hands down the most comfortable jeans of life.  They’re high-waisted, which is a plus in my book and also super soft.  I plan on getting more of these in other colors and styles.  Definitely worth every penny.  I’ve already worn them more times than I should have since I bought them.  

Buttoned up collared shirts are often seen as “preppy” so I really wanted to combine this with the edginess of the faux leather jacket and knee ripped jeans.  I’ve been getting used to not wearing high heels over the last several weeks, so finishing off this look with a pair of booties just felt right in every way possible.  Thanks for checking out this post!  <3 

  1. So sharp! I love the addition of your high-waisted pants.

  2. Love your hair you look so chic I just love This outfit

  3. Loving you hair, what advice can yu give a curvy girl on choosing the right pair of denims?

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