Red Skirt x Puffy Sleeves

Happy Sunday loves! I just got home from the city and it’s FREEZING outside today!  Make sure you bundle up.  Last night I went out with my girls for wine & tapas at this amazing little spot on the upper west side called Buceo 95.  If you’re ever in that area you should definitely check it out.  They have great food.  After that we went downtown for my friend’s birthday party at Crimson.
As always I wanted to shop for something new to wear but I was having a hard time finding something yesterday.  So I went digging in my closet and found this red puffy skirt that I literally bought 2 years ago from Forever21 and never wore.  The tags were still on.  I purchased it for a holiday party and I never got to go because we had a huge snow storm that night.  I’m so happy that I FINALLY put it to good use.

I’m wearing it with my puffy sleeve Zara top.  It has a Lady Gaga vibe and I love it.  This time I threw my hair up in a bun so that I could show off the sleeves.  My hair has been growing so fast and now I can do so much more with it.  So I am definitely taking advantage!

To bring it together, I put on my black and gold H&M belt.  

I’ve got on H&M black stockings [sidenote: the best stockings I’ve ever bought] and my Shoedazzle pumps.  I used my shoulder bag from Forever21.  I’ve been using it a lot more lately than I used to.  Sometimes I prefer shoulder bags when going out so that I don’t have to hold my clutch all night.  My accessories are hanging gold earrings & 2 gold finger rings.  I’m also wearing MAC Russian Red lipstick that once again did not smear or fade!

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend!  I’m looking forward to a new week.
xo Naty


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