Reunion With Jeffrey

One of my favorite things about putting outfits together each day is pulling things from my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile.  I always say “I forgot I had this!”  You know what I’m talking about! I try to stick to my rule of getting rid of things that I haven’t worn in over a year, but there’s always a few items I keep just in case.  It’s fun to recreate looks and wear older pieces in new ways. So that is what I did today.  I think I’ve had this shirt for almost 2 years and I can’t even remember the last time I wore it or what I wore it with.  It’s a denim button down. I’m basically wearing the same colors as yesterday but reversed.  I ALWAYS do this subconsciously! Haha.  Do any of you do this too?

I’m wearing my black skinny pants and I tucked the shirt in loosely.  Instead of putting on a necklace I decided to wear one of my favorite scarves.  This time I tied the ends and wrapped it around my head twice to give it the same effect as a snood.  If you aren’t familiar with a snood it’s “a tubular neck scarf.” I love this scarf because of the color scheme.  It goes with almost anything and it was a really nice touch with this outfit.  
I finally wore my Jeffrey Campbell LITAS!  I haven’t worn them in awhile and it felt good to put them back on.  I missed them.  My accessories are this wrap around belt style bracelet, double finger cross ring & a brown rustic stone ring.  I also used my tan shoulder bag.  Literally everything I have on is from H&M except for my shoes, earrings & cross ring which are from Forever21.  I seriously feel like an H&M spokesperson.  
I really like the mix of colors with this outfit.  I think blue & tan shades look good together.  For an extra added touch I put on “Sophisto” lipstick from MAC.  A really great color.  My hair is also huge today!  I did the heatless curls again last night and I had a little fro this morning.  I love it though 🙂 Tomorrow is already Friday and I have a big weekend ahead of me.  Many things to look forward to over the next few days.  Enjoy the rest of your night!! 

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