Spring Flowers

Happy hump day!  We were blessed with another beautiful day and I couldn’t be happier about it.  One of the things that I love the most about having my own fashion/style blog is always having a reason to play dress up.  I feel like I have all of these outfits waiting to be worn and sometimes I don’t have anywhere special to wear them.  Today has been somewhat of a quiet day for me so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to experiment a little bit.  I didn’t get to wear this for too long but I will most definitely be wearing it again or switching it up with a different shirt.  Let me know what you think of it! 🙂

I’m wearing bright colored floral pants from H&M.  The first time I saw them I loved them but was actually hesitant to make the purchase.  They were only $14.95 so I figured if I didn’t wear them I could always return.  I ended up getting these yesterday and got really excited to put something together so I had to wear them today, even if it was only for my blog! I didn’t really know what kind of top I wanted to wear, so I ended up putting on this black crop top, also from H&M.  It’s the same top I wore yesterday just in a different color.  I actually like how the pants are so tight and fitted but the top is loose and kind of flows around in the wind. 

These pants make a bold statement and I know that they aren’t for everybody.  They can really be worn in so many different ways too.  Originally I was going to put on a black pump since theres already so many colors on the pants, but I decided to go with my coral pumps from Target.  I like it better this way. 

My accessories are this new cuff chain bracelet from H&M, along with a couple of different rings.  I have on small rose studs with my choker chain necklace.  I’m using my coral clutch from Mandee, Ray-Bans, and Full Speed lipstick from MAC.  This was another one of those days that I just wanted to throw my hair up into a big bun. 

I believe that part of being a fashionista and finding your own personal style is all about taking some risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.  You need to switch it up and try new things to see what fits you best.  Who wants to look the same every day anyway?  There’s no fun in that and fashion is definitely fun to play around with! 
I can’t wait to have somewhere special to wear this 🙂  Hope you liked!! 
Have a great day XO.
  1. I love your style! this outfit is super cute — loving the necklace, where is it from ?

    • thank you!! I got it from H&M!

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