SS14 Previews With Habitual & Dana Maxx

Today I went to two previews for SS14 and I truly loved the pieces.  One of the coolest parts about blogging is being introduced to so many brands that I might not have known much about before. I really wanted to share these two brands with all of you!

Habitual draws their inspiration from New York and Los Angeles combining a bicoastal sensibility to the brand.  Every piece is made in Los Angeles and they take pride in celebrating personal style and inner confidence.  “When something is a perfect fit, it feels right and looks so good, it becomes habitual.”  I really loved their soft color palette for SS14 as well as the many different styles from coated denim to prints which included floral and plaid.  There was also a pair of cropped motos with amazing quilt detailing and leather trim pockets.  There was a nice feminine & edgy mix in the collection.  I couldn’t believe how soft so many of their pieces were.  They sent me home with this pair that they currently have out for fall and I was really surprised by the stretch.  They look super tiny but when I tried them on the fit was perfect.  The brand can be purchased from Nordstrom and ShopBop!

Dana Maxx is a women’s dress focused collection entirely made in New York.  It is designed for chic, sophisticated, strong and edgy women.  Their pieces have a wearable work to night appeal and are sold at select stores worldwide.  Dana Maxx draws her inspiration from shape, architecture and color which I could definitely see reflected in the pieces. I fell in love with both the SS14 collection and current collection for fall. My top two words to describe it would definitely be sophisticated chic.  The spring line was really focused on different cut outs adding a sex appeal to the pieces but still remaining classy. I loved the different shades of blue and pink as well as the watercolor and neutral prints!  
This week I’ll be attending both the Lucky Fabb and Simply Stylist fashion & beauty blogging conferences.  It’s my first time so I’m really looking forward to meeting a ton of new people and taking in as much information as possible.  If any of you are going please let me know as I would love to meet you! I’ll be staying with a friend in the city for a couple of days so I will try and post when I can this week.  Otherwise, I will definitely have new outfit posts coming next week! 
Have a lovely week <3

  1. Love the sign:) "Dress like you're going to meet your worst enemy today" So cute! Love all the colors!

    Personal Style:

  2. loving the clothes! <3


  3. Dab

    So killer collection, i loved it all…, i wish i could have them all in my closet…
    So gorgeous patterns ,colours and designs ..
    Thank you for sharing sugar..!!

  4. Dab

    Did you change the settings of your blog ,it seems like a web page,not the older format…:'(

    • No babe I haven't changed anything!

    • Dab

      Oh ok , am sorry now its showing up fine , thank you …
      And yes i loved the collection….xoxo!!

  5. Love your Blog so much Naty 🙂

    I'am your new Follower on GFC!
    Lots of kisses, Anni

  6. The matching top and bottom are really cute. I also really like the framed quotes they have around. Gives the place very personal touch.

    Maggie A

  7. This is a really great review. I love having a look around at other bloggers content for inspiration.


  8. nice 🙂

  9. Beautiful clothes
    xx, Malena
    You can check my blog on:
    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

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