Studded Saturday- DIY

I spent part of the afternoon doing a little DIY that I wanted to share with you all.  I’ve found that DIY projects can be really therapeutic and I love being super creative.  I ordered some studs from this website called and decided that I wanted to stud the collar of one of my button downs.  Unfortunately, the material on my button downs are really thin and not sturdy enough so I wasn’t able to finish it.  Fail on my part!  However, I chose to stud a pair of my jean shorts that I got from Forever21 and I am really happy with the outcome 🙂  I might add a few more later on, but for now I’m going to keep them this way. 

You can stud any pair of denim, button downs, belts, bags & pretty much anything else you want!  All you need to start is a package of studs or spikes, any color and any shape or size because it all depends on your personal preference.  I paid $3 for mine and it came with 100 silver studs. 
Besides the studs, you need a butter knife to press down on the pointy ends.  The ends are really sharp so they will go right through any type of material.  
I decided to stud the inside pocket part on the right side of my shorts.  
And the lining of the pockets on the back side. 
Here’s the end result! 
What do you guys think?  Studs are a great way to add some edge and that little extra something to your outfits. 
Happy studding 🙂 
  1. i love it!!! i'm gonna get me some stuuddsss

    • thanks!! & you should totally do it. I just studded the handle of one of my black shoulder bags.

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