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Today’s post is a bit different, but I hope you like it! Pretty soon, I will be heading into a transitional point in my life where everything is going to change. My long-term goal of moving into NYC is getting much closer in reach. That dream has shifted focus many times over these past few years for different reasons, whether financial, travel or just not being completely certain. I’ve mentioned the possibility of leaving the country to teach English. I even considered doing that next year, but after much debate and inner conflict, I’m choosing to wait. I think I owe it to myself to give NYC a real shot first.

Living so close to the city my whole life has made me form a love/hate relationship with it. Whenever I’m there [and not driving] I love it. While I do live very close to the GWB, the commute back and forth over all these years has still been a pain. Between horrible traffic to the wear and tear on my car [that one time it broke down on the Westside Highway] to the expense of it all, it’s a hassle. I stopped going there as much for events and meetings. I’ve turned some opportunities down. I’ve just felt that living there, while expensive, would be better for me in so many ways. I know that places like Hoboken and Jersey City are options too, but I still prefer to be IN the city. I think I’ll know within that first year if it’s the place for me. If it’s not, then I will figure out my next move. I just have to try.

While nothing is set in stone just yet, there are a few potential possibilities. If all goes as planned, I think the move would happen by the beginning of next year. I’m not going to discuss any details on that until I know 100%. Realistically, I’m going to end up in a studio apartment or a small one bedroom, which I think is fine for a starter apartment in the city. As much as I would love a bigger place, I also don’t want to overextend myself financially and feel like I’m counting every dollar. Besides the rent in NY, there are going to be many other expenses too, so I have to be smart about the move. I’ve been saving up for this for awhile now and it feels good to be so close to this goal. I leave it in God’s hands though as He knows what is best for me. I trust His timing.

Let’s be honest. The idea of moving into a much smaller space can give anyone anxiety. Where the hell is it all going to fit? I showed my sister photos of one potential apartment for a studio alcove and her reaction was priceless. While my future NYC home may be small, it will be mine. I just have to be strategic in terms of how I put it all together. For that reason, I have been stalking Pinterest for months to start getting inspired by ideas. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ones with you guys today. Once I make the move, I do plan on creating a Home section here on my site!


I love the idea of adding floating shelves for more storage/decoration. I think it’s a great way to make use of the small space in the living room area. The mirror on the wall also helps to open up the space a bit more and of course, I love this white/gold end table. Photo Source: OhMyDearBlog


The great thing about a studio alcove is the divider breaking up the space to give the living room separation from the “bedroom.” Most studios are just one open layout, so the idea of dividing it up with a bookshelf like this is so smart. It also doubles as extra storage. I really love how the light still comes through, which is important with a small room. Photo Source: Apartment Therapy


This little living room is perfect and all the white helps to open it up. There’s no need for a huge couch in a studio apartment. I really like the set up of this one as well as the small “bedroom” area. Using open shelves as a night stand is the perfect way to get more storage space, plus it looks cute too. Photo Source: Domino 


Choosing light neutral colors is another way to ensure that you are giving the illusion of a larger room. I love the subtle pops of color and print here. This is another great example of the floating shelves on both sides of the couch. #Shelfie anyone? I need that mirror too. Seriously love this girl’s decor. Photo Source: Brittany Roberston Designs


Closet space is typically limited in a studio apartment, so I definitely have to be strategic. One idea I’m all about is setting up one of the corners with a clothing rack to hang up new pieces and the ones that I am wearing the most at that moment. I would obviously have more clothes hanging than this photo, but thought this was such a cute way to style it all. Photo Source: The Every Girl


These are just a few of the ideas that I have been gravitating towards lately. The way I decorate everything will of course depend on how many sq feet as well as the layout of the apartment. These photos definitely have me inspired though! I also have a Pinterest Board with all of these and more if you want to check that out. Do any of you live in a studio apartment? If so, what are some of your favorite ways to utilize the space? I’m taking any and all tips! I’ll keep you guys updated on the apartment hunt and hope that soon I will be able to share my new home with all of you!


  1. erika batista

    Love these ideas! Also love the style and light in these rooms. Can’t wait to come over;)

    • Naty

      YESSSS! Wine night at mi casa!

  2. The great thing about living in the city is that you can get rid of your car and all the costs associated with it. You just don’t ever need to drive when you’re living within the 5 boroughs. Take it from me. I often tell people I can prove that I’m a true New Yorker by the fact that I never learned how to drive!

    Good luck. Put those vibes out there and the universe will deliver.


    • Naty

      Thanks girl. Definitely not having a car in the city, no need! The transmission on mine actually went recently and haven’t gotten another one yet. Hoping I won’t have to! I must see you when I’m finally living there! xo

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