Summer Style RECAP

Happy Tuesday babes! 
 I never do recaps of my outfits each month, but since this week is super crazy and I have no new outfit posts yet, I figured that it would be a good time to do one.  This summer was truly a productive and amazing one for me.  I didn’t get to travel or go to the beach much, but I really put a lot more time into my blog.  I still can’t believe how quickly time has passed by and there’s only a few more months left of 2013.  What a year it’s been so far!  Although it’s still pretty warm out, fall is approaching in 2 weeks.  So here’s a look back at some of my outfits from this summer.
Sorry for such a short post but I have to start packing as I head into NYC tomorrow! There will be a ton of new outfits coming soon 🙂 
Make sure to check out my post on Fearless Fashionista today! It’s all about wearing white AFTER Labor Day. Thanks so much for checking out my blog each week, I can never thank you enough for your amazing support! 
  1. I LOOOOBE all of your outfits Naty!! can't wait to see you Fall ones!

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  2. These types of post are a great way to take a little breath, I can't imagine how busy you must be. You had a very stylish summer!

    • definitely! I hate not having new outfit photos right now but all my new stuff is for fashion week lol can't wait to share it all! xo

  3. awesome outfits. visit my blog :

  4. The ever stylish Naty! U rock!


  5. LOove the compilation!

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

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