Summer Style Refresh

After allowing both my room and closet/office space to be completely cluttered the past few months, I have finally done some “summer cleaning” and boy does it feel good!  I always try to clean out my closet & revamp my wardrobe every time the seasons change.  I like being able to start a new season with some new pieces, but I also like to go through what I already have to see what can transition.  Cleaning & organizing can be really overwhelming, especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories.  As women, we have so much of it all and we tend to hold on to certain items for awhile, even if we aren’t wearing them.  (totally guilty!)  Before I started blogging, I was doing style consultations where I would go to girls homes and clean out their closets with them.  It was always a challenge, but I definitely learned some tricks along the way and a process that has really worked for me. 
 Well for starters, try to keep your pets (if you have any) out of the room.  As you can see my little boys photo bombed lol I had to include them. I swear every time I sit down with my shoes or clothes that’s when they want to play!

There is no way I could get any of this done without some upbeat music and my caffeine fix! This Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee has become a new must-have for me whenever I need a quick refresher.  It tastes so good and makes for the perfect companion when cleaning out your closet or for when you’re on the go.  It also comes in vanilla, caramel and low calorie too!

Ok, let’s get to it!  I always like to start with my shoes first because I think they are much easier to sort through than anything else.  I do my best to keep the newest and frequently worn ones in my closet room and keep the rest in my bedroom closet.  This just gives me easier access to them.  I always tend to keep the same pairs on rotate, so sorting through them every so often is a good reminder to give the others some love!   For spring/summer, I try to keep a good mix of pumps & sandals in different colors up front on display.
Sorting through clothes definitely takes up the most time.  Everyone has their own process, but for me I literally take every single thing out of the closet and dump it on my bed.  Then, I go through each piece one at a time and create two piles: toss it and maybe.  The ones I know that I am keeping I hang up in the closet right away in different sections: long sleeve, short sleeve, dresses, etc.  And the ones that I am unsure about, I make the final decision at the end. I have a new rule that if I have not worn something in the past year, it’s time to let it go. For the items that I no longer want, I donate some to the Lupus foundation and some I sell on Poshmark.  Once I have everything situated, I hang up the most recent items on my clothing rack along with some versatile & transitional pieces that I know I can constantly rework.  It takes up more time, but it really helps to try things on as you are doing this.  Usually my maybes become “ohhh, that’s a no!” haha  It’s always more fun to do this with someone else.  It makes me think of the Sex & The City movie when Carrie is moving out and trying everything on for the girls 😉

Up next is my jewelry.  This used to take me awhile to sort through, but now that I have some necklace stands and bracelet & ring holders, it makes the process go by much quicker.  I love having my jewelry all in one place now because before, it was just creating a ton of unnecessary clutter.  This is a great way to keep all of your pieces together and it also looks really pretty on display too.  For summer, I’m really gravitating towards bright colored statement necklaces and gold cuffs.  
The last thing I do is try to “decorate” my space with books, candles, perfume bottles, etc.  and typically, I try to switch it up as often as I can.  Whenever I bring in new items, re-organize or change up the space, I just feel more inspired and at ease.  I still have to finish up the other side of this room, but I can’t wait to share when it’s all done. 
Hopefully this post helps when you decide to do a closet refresh of your own!  
Happy Thursday <3

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  1. This is very organized girl, love your shoes.I'm long overdue for a closet clean out but I just keep procrastinating. I also should get a jewelry stand, my jewelry is all cluttered in a box.

  2. This room has everything I love!! Nice post thanks for sharing!
    Come visit my blog if you want!

  3. Great post! Next time you're in NorCal, can you come help me with my closet, too? 🙂 The problem is I have to share a bedroom with my hubs, who complains my shoe shelf and rack are encroaching into his space, lol. I'd also love to know how you decide which purses/clutches to keep. So hard!


    • Aww! I don't know what I'm going to do when it's time for me to share my closet lol. I completely forgot about the handbags! I actually just sorted through a bunch. I have these baskets that I picked up from I think michaels and it holds a lot of my clutches. I keep this on the shelf in my bedroom closet. And as for some of the handbags, I also have them on a shelf in my closet and the newer ones I hang on the clothing rack 🙂

  4. Awesome!! I loooove Starbucks iced coffee. Love your closet space 🙂 and OMG I'm in love with #GIRLBOSS so far!! xo

  5. How do you store your sunnies? I have no clue how to keep mine, I've even googled and checked Amazon but not sure how to store them. lol

    • those can be tricky lol right now I have them hanging up on a wire on one of my bedroom walls. I have two rows and it holds all of them. I've seen sunglass stands on amazon too and I might try one of them out. Also, you can keep them lined up in a drawer. I would just place them on top of a cloth.

  6. Such fun photos! So cute Naty 🙂

  7. Great post! I love all your tips!

  8. I really need to reorganize my closet and dresser. I feel a bit embarrassed, both of them look like a tornado went through. Everything is mismatched, shoes just tossed in. It was so hard to really care when I was so busy with school. I actually love to organize things but for me it's usually an all day activity, aha. This weekend I'm going to be reorganizing everything.

    Your post gave me some very neat ideas! I am in love with that necklace holder and and the bracelets. Definitely gives me some ideas on how to organize the jewelry that can't fit in my little mirrored closet. I love reading posts like this, it gives me motivation to just completely reorganize everything. 🙂

  9. Dab

    Well,this post is really helpfull for me in lot of ways ,am really looking after for that sort of shoe rack everywhere but not getting here , ..anyways this post is worth checking out for ..really great efforts babe ..,thank you
    Dab 😀

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