Sunflower Daze

Hello September!  

I’ve been saving this post for a little over a week and I thought that today would be the perfect time to post it.  You guys already saw a sneak peek of this on my instagram, but I really wanted to share more photos because I still can’t get over this beautiful scenery.  Awhile back when I went Strawberry picking, I mentioned that my mom and I decided to take several weekends to do something different and fun.  I have been wanting to visit a Sunflower farm for such a long time and didn’t even know that there were a few about an hour away from me!  I finally decided to just do a google search and came across one in Sussex County.  On our drive up, we actually found this one and it was about 20 minutes closer so we decided to just check this one out instead and guys… I fell in love! 

If you follow me on snapchat, then you saw that it brought out my inner child.  🙂 I was seriously running up and down the maze.  I have never seen sunflowers so tall in person before and they seemed to be endless.  They also had a scavenger hunt in the maze so it was fun trying to find all of the hidden letters.  We definitely got lost in there a couple of times.  There are so many turns, but a lot of them are dead ends. It was such a beautiful and amazing afternoon spent with my mom! 

When it came to figuring out my outfit, I just immediately went for this yellow & navy dress that I wore once before.  I decided it might be fun to match the sunflowers and blend in a little bit.  It was really the perfect choice!  It was about 90 degrees when we went.  SO hot!  I think we ended up staying for almost two hours.  Time flew by as we were taking photos, snapchats, and trying to make our way through the entire maze.  Have you ever been? 

If you didn’t get a chance to visit a sunflower farm this summer, then I definitely suggest going next year.  You will be amazed in person.  These photos don’t even do it justice.  Hope you enjoyed this post!  I look forward to apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, and of course, I will share that on here too.  Happy Tuesday! 

  1. LOVE these photos! You look gorgeous girl!

    Kellie's Kollection

  2. How Beautiful! Love this, definitely need to visit this place next year. You look so beautiful too!

  3. Beautiful dress! I love this sunny color on you. Adorable photos too!

  4. such a pretty look and photos! love!

  5. Dab

    Fabulous look love, you just seem like a cute little girl so perky …I adore your look gorgeous and that last picture of your just speech less
    Dab(damini) xo!

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