Sweaters & Cardigans

It’s time to stock up on sweaters & cardigans if you haven’t already done so.  I remember a time when sweaters weren’t really thought of as fashionable.  I have all these memories of really ugly ones with terrible patterns.  I used to get them as gifts for my birthday and Christmas when I was really young and I hated them lol (sidenote: I would love to go to an ugly sweater party for Christmas!)
But now, I adore them & they are very trendy. I have a lot of them. They come in so many different styles too like cowl & v neck, long & cropped, oversized, etc.  Same with cardigans. They go great with jeans & boots.  The longer length ones look really nice with leggings & a belt.  If long enough, you can wear it as a sweater dress. They look really good with printed scarves as well.  Cardigans are great for wearing over a sleeveless dress or top.  Basically, you can do so much with them.

I wore this not too long ago to the city for a casual dinner.  This is probably my favorite sweater right now.  It’s from H&M of course.  I put on a thin black belt, also from H&M, to bring it in around my waist and to break up some of the color. I wore it over leggings with my Bakers wedges.  Then I just accessorized with silver jewelry.  I wore this another time as a sweater dress with black stockings and boots.
Here I’m wearing another pair of leggings with a plain black top, same wedges & my open cardigan/sweater from Forever21.  I love long cardigans like this.  I have on a printed scarf which I’m wearing 2 different ways.  I ended up just wrapping it around my neck like the photo on the left.  It kept me warmer that way 🙂
This outfit I’ve posted previously in (keeping warm in style) so I won’t explan it again.  But I do love this  sweater & the way this outfit came out 🙂


  This sweater is from Express & I’ve worn it 2 different ways as shown.  Both times I wore my ripped jeans from Forever21 & used my Metro Park hand bag.  The first time I put on these low heel grey boots & used my wrap around creme scarf from Forever21. The second time I put on my grey pumps and didn’t go with the scarf.  Very subtle changes, but still a difference. I put this on tonight just for the blog because I didn’t have any pics in it.  I didn’t have time to do that with my other sweaters, but as I start wearing them more & in different ways I’ll be sure to take pics and post. 🙂
 Stay warm lovies! xx

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