I’ve only had this blog for a little less than 2 weeks & the feedback that I have been getting has been amazing. I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to check out my posts each day.  I have way more views than actual blog followers, so if you aren’t following my blog yet, make sure you do so at the bottom of this page & leave some comments too!! Your feedback is appreciated 🙂

It’s a great feeling to be recognized for your talents & an even greater feeling when people tell you that you inspire them. I came up with an idea.  If my blog has inspired you in any way in terms of putting your outfits together, trying something new, etc. then I want to know about it.  Even better, I want to see it!
Email me a picture of you in an outfit that you were inspired to create from my blog & I will post it on here.  Send photos to ALOVEAFFAIRWITHFASHION@GMAIL.COM and include your name, location, and what it was about this blog that inspired you to create your outfit.  I really look forward to seeing these so please don’t hesitate to send!!

Also, I am available to help with revamping your wardrobe, whether it’s cleaning & organizing your closet to help you get rid of old clothes and make room for new ones, styling or personal shopping.  If you are seriously interested in any of this, please send me an email & I will go over rates & details.

Once again thank you for visiting my blog each day & allowing me to share my style & creativity with you all.  xxx Naty


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