There’s An App For That

I am always looking for new apps to download, especially ones that I can use in my every day life.  I mean there seriously is an app for everything from ordering food to dating and all things in between.  I was recently introduced to Square Cash and was excited to team up with them for a fun post and spread the word to all of you!
I am that one friend who never carries cash around.  I use my card for everything, which can be both good and bad at the same time.  Going out to eat with friends, especially in large groups, can get a bit messy when the bill comes.  Throwing down 5 or more cards on the table sometimes gets confusing and then there are others who might have cash, but not enough to cover their share of the tab.  With the holiday season upon us, maybe you’re out with a family member or friend and want to split the cost of a present, but you don’t have the entire amount on you at that moment.  The same thing happens when taking a cab in the city with a few people.  Usually someone will say, “Don’t worry, I got it.  Just pay me back later.”  Sometimes later comes and you forget about it then all of a sudden you realize you owe someone money.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I just hate that feeling.  So this is where the Square Cash app comes into play!  It’s a free and super easy app that allows you to quickly exchange money with friends, whether you’re out to eat or simply spotting them a $20 for whatever reason. I’m sure you’ve heard about Venmo before, but the best part about Square is that there is no “cashing out.”  The money will get deposited into your bank account instantly so you don’t have to wait.
I went to a local café withmy friend Chevy and it was my first time using Square Cash with her.  She’s been using the app for a while thoughso she wanted to make sure I was doing it properly. She was looking at me like, “Yeah, that’s right. Pay me my $12 now.” Ha!  Seriously though, it’s a very simple process and it also has safety features like fraud protection, which made me feel a lot more comfortable using it.  I love being able to share new things with all of you and hope you liked this post!  Have any of you used Square Cash before?
Enjoy your Tuesday!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Square Cash,
but all opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. I needed this in my life! Thanks for sharing, it looks super easy to use!

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