Three Ways

Hey babes! 
Once in awhile on instagram, I like to post 3 different looks together that all have something in common.  This is a great way to show different ways to style a specific piece or show how the same hairstyle can look with completely different outfits.  So for today, I decided to keep things short and sweet by sharing a couple of these on the blog. 🙂

Long cardigans are the best things to wear right now.  As you can see, the common theme with all of these looks is that I kept them all neutral.  I tried to show how they can look dressed up or worn more casually.  I wanted to show the mix of textures by pairing the knits with faux leather and I also wanted to show the versatility of a cardigan by pairing it with a dress.  
Which one is your favorite?

Ok, so this is obviously the same hairstyle, but I wanted to show how it looked with these 3 different outfits.  I used to wear ponytails all the time when I was younger and I just recently started rocking them again.  I think they can look super chic with any outfit, yet they also add a casual feel too. The first look is edgy with a bit of a punk feel, second one is more preppy and the last one is more casual/chic.  Which one do you like best? 

These are two of my favorite things to wear during this season so wearing them together is even better!  Printed scarves are a great winter accessory that not only keep you warm, but they can also enhance your outfits too.  Knits are extremely cozy, of course, and there are a bunch of ways to wear them.  I wanted to show their versatility as well by pairing one with boots, leggings and layered underneath a jacket.  All 3 looks have a different feel to them.  Which would you most likely wear?

Thanks for checking out today’s post!

  1. All of these looks are super creative and fun! Love it.

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  3. Amazing style as always 🙂

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