A Touch of CORAL.

I’m back! I really didn’t think I would have time to shoot outside today, but I was able to & I’m so happy especially because it’s gorgeous!  The purpose of my outfit today, and the main reason for this post is to show how you can take something so simple and dress it up with accessories & a little bit of color.

I’m wearing skinny jeans from Forever21 with a plain loose fitted top from H&M.  It has a little pocket on the side and it’s very comfy!  It’s one of those shirts that gets wrinkled every 2.5 seconds so thankfully my steamer gets those out!

I’m using my statement envelope clutch which I love but I didn’t really want to use it with this outfit.  However it did go the best out of the ones that I have.  I’m wearing coral chunky heel pumps from Target that were on clearance for only $20 🙂  Since my top is white and I just have on regular dark denim jeans, adding this color makes the outfit really pop and also dresses it up more.  

I found this gold chain necklace that can be worn as a choker at H&M and I fell in love with it.  I have so many statement necklaces and longer length ones but nothing like this.  I like the effect it gave this outfit.  I’m wearing Aldo earrings, and rings from H&M as well.  No bracelets today.  I was cleaning out my car and found these aviators that I got from Forever21 last year.  There’s gold lining across the top front.  So I decided to give my Ray-Bans a break 🙂 
The final touch and one of the most important ones is my lip color!  This is Full Speed from MAC and as you can see it actually matches with my shoes.  It’s a bright funky color and I just love the way it brought everything together. 
Get outside today and soak up this warmer weather!
  1. love it! this lipstick is a must-have!

  2. That lip color is fuego!!

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