Tropical Print + A Road Trip

Outfit Details 

Shirt: Dex (here) / Jeans: Aeropostale (similar) / Sandals: Lauren Conrad (here
Clutch: Tommy Hilfiger (tote version) / Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (here) / Bracelets: Alex & Ani 
Besides florals and the ever so popular pineapple, another big trend right now is tropical print.  Since I’m really into these bold & fun prints for summer, I wanted to give this one a try.  It has a mirrored birds of paradise design.  I wore this outfit out to dinner on Friday night and since it was starting to cool down, I thought it would be best to pair the top with my black denim.  Wearing black jeans is a nice way to give a casual outfit a “dressed up” feel.  They are also very slimming.  I love that the top is so colorful because it leaves room for many different styling options and colors to play around with.  I decided to stick to mostly black though, and just brought out the red with my lips and clutch.  
I’m leaving early Thursday morning on a road trip to Canada and I’m really looking forward to it.  I love traveling, but I always go by plane.  I have not been on a road trip since I was about 15.  My father loved them so he always took me, my mom and sister to Disney World, Bush Gardens in Virginia and Hershey Park.  Every summer that was our family tradition.  The last trip I took with him was to Nebraska to visit family.  It’s a trip that I will always cherish because it was just the two of us.  As I got older, my dad still continued to travel to different places by car, only he went alone because I was too caught up with my friends and being in college.  That’s definitely one of the things I regret not doing with him when I had the chance.  Since father’s day is this weekend, I thought it would be special to do this trip with my mom by car instead of flying.  It might sound stupid, but it’s kind of my way of trying to make up for that.  Even though he won’t be there physically, I know he’ll still be traveling with me in some way.  My love for travel definitely comes from him.  He always said that there was a certain freedom he felt when he was out on the open road.  One of his dreams was to visit Ireland and I will make sure I go there one day in the near future, hopefully for his birthday next year.

 Can’t wait to share my Montreal experience with you all!

  1. Hi Naty! I don't really have a relationship with my dad, and reading about your great connection with yours makes me wish it was different. Have a great trip! xo

    • I'm sorry that you don't have the type of relationship with him that you want. I know some of my friends who aren't that close with their fathers either.. and some who have never even met them before. And I know it can be really hard. I hope that in the near future your connection with him will become stronger. Sending you lots of love.

  2. I have always had a special connection with my dad, we think alike and I love how he supports me in everything I do. Unfortunately he doesn't love travelling as mom and I do, but he always tries to be cool about the family trips (he can't stand visiting a museum for 6 hours, like me). Unfortunately this year I couldn't be home for his birthday and I felt really bad about it, and after reading your post I have a new resolution: never miss one again.

    Such a stylish look, I love the printed shirt and I'm really jealous of your bun, mine usually looks terrible!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

    • I think it's amazing that you are so close with him because that's a relationship you will cherish forever. I definitely have regrets of things that I wish I did when I had the chance. But I know that my dad knew how much I loved him (and still do). It's also one of the reasons why I consider my mom my best friend. I want to do more with her while she is still here. I'm sure your dad understood that you weren't able to make it this year for his birthday. That's the thing about parents… they are always understanding! I'm sure he knows how much you love him. <3

  3. That is so awesome. I hope you have a safe and happy trip with your mother. I don't think you're stupid for thinking this makes up for the lost road trips with your father. I think he is smiling from above and will be with you throughout your trip. I love traveling! Traveling is so much fun, especially when it's a road trip. There's so much to see, enjoy, and discover when you're on a road trip. I have had the wonderful opportunity of traveling across the US 3 times, North and Southern routes. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. You're making me want to go on a road trip now haahaa.

    • Thank you so much girl I really appreciate it! It's also amazing that you have done so much traveling! I seriously just wish I could travel to a different part of the world every month. Europe is next on my list for sure!

  4. I forgot to comment on your outfit…oops! The print on that top is gorgeous. The black pants and the black sandals were a great choice for this top.

  5. You know what Naty, you don't need to regret anything since I'm sure he'll be so proud of the lady you've become. As long as you shared some memories, that's all you need to get you through a tough day or just reminiscing them. I love the printed top on you and I've become quite addicted to a bun with red lipstick thanks to you 🙂 Hope you enjoy your trip darling

  6. Dab

    Thats true travelling sets out are soul so free and refreshing ;and really it'll be a great gift of love to your dad when you will visit to Ireland on his b'day , his dream you will live ; you are really a great and loving daughter naty,a very humble and polite soul as far as i'hv known you; full of insipiration and i dearly adore you…:-*
    I hope you have an awesomely joyfull jouney,& loads of beautiful memories…
    Now coming to your outfit its really cool design with gorgeous combo of colors ; you look stunning seriously …& your hairs are always perfect it seems so easy to make a hairstyle when i see your hair-dos but it actually sucks when i apply them on my hair you are blessed B-)
    Thank you so much for sharing ; waiting for new uploads …love <3

  7. Such a cute look! Loving your blouse and sunnies!


  8. So inspiring have an awesome trip

  9. Naty, that is so special! I hope you have a lovely road-trip. I squealed with excitement when I read that you are planning on coming to Ireland for a trip!! I hope you will have time for a little meet-up. I'd love to show you around 🙂 If you need any help planning this trip just let me know


    Bec Boop

  10. I don't have a relationship with my dad but I have a very very good one with my mom and I couldn't imagine her not being around. As long as you have good memories of him, I think he would be very proud of who you've become! I hope you get to go to Ireland and have a safe trip to Canada! 🙂 xo

  11. Hi Naty! After reading your blog, it really make me move. Ya you are right, we should spend as much time as we have with our parents while there are still there. When I was young I always travel like you with my parents but when I grow up, I hook much of my times with friends. So your post really move me and at least it remind me of how important is our family members to us.


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    don't really have a relationship with my dad, and reading about your great connection with yours makes me wish it was different. Have a great trip! xo

  12. Loving that to and those shoes Naty! So cute 🙂
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  13. Lovely outfit Naty!! Have a great time in Canada! Your dad will be there in spirit <3


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