Tuesday Style

I was so inspired to rock the blazer & tee look that I couldn’t wait!  I’m so happy with how this came out and I guarantee that I will wear similar outfits soon. I need to stock up on more shirts.  I actually haven’t worn a blazer in awhile so it was time to bring one of these babies out of the closet anyway.  I posted these photos on my instagram and the responses were amazing.  Made me feel good 🙂

I have on a v-neck boyfriend tee from Target that I tucked in slightly.  I mentioned in a previous post that I have these in almost every color.  They really are the best v-necks I’ve seen.  I need to get some more white ones since they get worn out in the wash so easily.  I’m wearing a long blazer from Forever21.  It’s sort of a nude/pink shade.  One of my favorites. I paired these with my go-to ripped jeans from Love Culture. I haven’t worn these in awhile either.  Again, the ripped jeans add contrast to this ensemble and gives it more edge.  I have on my nude/tan suede pumps from Nine West.  
Since I usually wear my hair down, I decided to switch it up today and pull it back with a little bit of a poof on top.  I got inspired to try out this hair style from Kourtney Kardashian.  Now that my hair is getting longer, I can actually do it. 
I used my amazing envelope clutch that I got from my mother for Christmas.  She told me that she actually got this at TJ Max!  I’m obsessed with it.  It was such a great find.  
I’m wearing a long treble clef  necklace that I also got  for Christmas from my sister.  She found this at a boutique.  I love it. I have on 2 gold rings from H&M and my small Aldo earrings. The stones match the blazer perfectly. 

I think this is one of my favorite outfits! It’s casual but still dressed up, it’s trendy, edgy and most importantly, it’s comfortable to wear.  It’s put together in an effortless way without trying too hard. If I can find a good white blazer, I will be pairing it with my red skinnies like in the previous post.  The “don’t wear white after labor day” is crap! 🙂 I don’t follow rules.  Enjoy the rest of your night loves!

  1. This look is the bomb.com! You look amazing! I must try this look ASAP!

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