Winter Adventure

As the temperatures continue to drop, I’ve been trying to focus more on outerwear and how to have some fun with it.  When it comes to coats and jackets, there are a ton of different styles to choose from.  I got this parka 2 years ago, and finally took it out for a little winter adventure 🙂

Jacket: H&M (also love) / Pants: HUE (here) c/o 
Booties: Sam & Libby (here at Target) / Hat: H&M (similar)
Bag: GALiAN (here) / Scarf: N/A

First of all, how amazing is this place?!  I’ve shot here a couple of times in the past but when it was warm out.  This was my first time seeing it during the winter and I fell in love.  Behind the bridge there is a walkway, but I have no idea where it leads to.  It instantly made me think of going on an adventure.

Since it was freezing out, I knew that I would have to focus more on my bottom half and jacket.  These mustard pants were perfect since they’re so vibrant.  It was a great color to brighten up that gloomy winter day.  I got these leopard booties at Target and they’re my first pair.   I’ve really come to love leopard print because they truly do act as a neutral.  I thought that they made a really good combo with the mustard pants and I just love how the bottom half of this outfit really pops.  I’m wearing a black sweater underneath with a scarf and left part of the jacket unzipped so it would show through a little.   To top it all off, I added my favorite hat (a must have winter accessory).

Shooting outside during the winter can definitely be a challenge, but I’ve been doing what I can to make it work.  I seriously give major props to my mom for braving the cold weather and snow with me.   She’s such a trooper!

Have a happy Monday 🙂

  1. Gorgeous pants n boots.
    The scenery is beautiful!

  2. Love that not even the snow stops you from being ultra fabulous! Love this combo!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. Mustard pants are one of my favorites! I think they add vibrance to any neutral outfit! Looking good.

    Fashionably Kay

  4. Hey Naty. Do you have any posts for closet organization?


    • Not recently 🙁 but I do have one from awhile back just not sure which month. I honestly haven't done any lately.

  5. That hat of yours is gorgeous – the color is perfect! You look fabulous in black & yellow and I'm loving these heels. Very chic! Your yellow pants are a great touch too. You definitely look ready for the new year!

  6. Your hat is absolutely gorgeous– I'm on the market for one of these and it's good to know where I can get one! I love your outfit. By the way, I'd love it if you would check out my blog,
    Thanks and happy new year!

  7. Such a brilliant yellow,big love
    great outfits,the hat is full of stylish
    Love your style totally, shall we follow each other and share beauties to each,
    Hope to be your friend soon Pls post more!
    I love comment and browse blogs I followed!

  8. Dab

    Babe you look real cute, am loving those pants and and boots , the hat is perfect …..
    You are beautiful…
    Dab <3

  9. Love the outfit! I love the yellow pants! <3

  10. That's such a cute outfit! Not gonna lie, I think the parka is a little… not plain but if I saw it hanging on a rack it wouldn't interest me. I'd probably walk past it. But seeing how you wore it and what you paired it with, wow! It shows that you can really jazz anything up with enough creativity and effort. I love those mustard colored pants, I really want a pair now. And the leopard booties! It took awhile for animal prints to grow on me but now I love them! I see how they can be so edgy and funky but not too over the top. I think a pair of leopard print shoes is a must soon. Anyways, lovely outfit. Beautiful as always and props again for braving the freezing weather!

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