6 Tips For Getting Out Of A Rut

 You know those moments when you just want to stay in bed every morning with a lack of motivation and desire to get up and conquer the world? You start feeling a bit sluggish as if you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and the only thing that you want to do is absolutely nothing. Well I know that feeling and I know it all too well.  It happens to me from time to time when I fall into these ruts and go through mini phases where it seems as though I am lacking the inspiration that I so desperately need.  Sometimes it creeps up on you and you don’t even realize that it’s happening.  I know many others who have experienced this before as well, so I wanted to create a post highlighting some of the things that I have done to pull me out of these dark moments.  Of course different things work for everyone, but my hope is that at least one of these tips can help you out the next time you are in need of that extra push.

Remember Why You Started

I tend to get down on myself because of my high expectations and that “I want more” mindset.  Because of this, I often get discouraged very easily when things don’t go according to plan or at the pace that I would like them to.  It then becomes this natural process for me to feel like maybe I am not capable after all. My entire life it has been this constant struggle of learning to appreciate my accomplishments and to not spend so much time focusing on the setbacks.  I’ve had to realize that Hey, I AM good enough.  All of the struggles and the failures are just part of the journey, but they really do make reaching your destination so much more worth it.  The problem with ruts is that it tends to make us doubt ourselves so much to the point where we just feel uninspired to continue down the path to our goals and dreams.  You have to stop and remember why you started in the first place and reconnect with that part of yourself once again.  That drive and motivation is still there inside of you, it’s just been hidden temporarily.


I can’t express enough how much better I feel when I write things down and I don’t even mean those “Dear Diary” moments.  Remember those?  I also don’t mean writing for the blog. I am referring to writing for no one, but myself.  I just enjoy penning my thoughts, hopes, worries, goals, and future plans down in one spot.  It helps to reread my feelings back to myself.  It’s actually very therapeutic.  If you are not much of a writer, then trying writing down several key words that express how you feel in that moment.  Then, write down several key words that express how you want to feel or what you hope to achieve.  For example, the words discouraged and accomplished come to mind.  You are currently feeling discouraged, but you want to feel accomplished.  Read these words back to yourself and really think about them.  Try to figure out what you can change or do differently to get back to a better place again.  Sometimes all you need to do is refocus and restructure your current path.

Take A Break And Travel 

Often times the thing that helps me the most is traveling.  Getting out of my comfort area to go somewhere new is always super inspiring for me.  I love soaking in the new people, the different cultures, the scenic views and trying new food.  It’s part of the reason why I chose to book my trips to London and Paris next month.  I just knew that taking this trip would be good for me right now and I didn’t want to wait. If you have the time and money to book a trip, then I highly suggest it.  Go for it.  If you aren’t able to just pick up and leave to another country or state, then aim for a local weekend getaway or even a full day trip.  Now that it’s the summertime, a relaxing day at the beach could be exactly what you need.  I would just suggest going to a place you haven’t been to before so that you have a new experience. It sort of gives you a fresh pair of eyes and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


Often times when I am a rut, it’s partly because I have stopped taking proper care of myself.  Whenever I am not eating right or exercising, I begin to feel extremely sluggish and moody.  This usually enhances and heightens my emotions even more.  It’s just a bad cycle that I tend to find myself falling in and out of.  Working out or even doing some light cardio, like walking or running, can make the world of a difference in the way you feel each day. It’s such a great stress reliever too and makes you feel accomplished.  I know that when I am active and making healthier lifestyle choices, that is when I am the most happy and confident with myself. Try setting aside some time each day/week to get your workout in.  It’s a great starting point for picking yourself back up!




A little secret thing that I do [well, not so secret anymore] is take frequent trips to the bookstore.  There’s just something about the atmosphere that is so calming and inviting to me.  Each book contains something completely different from the next with an overflow of topics and genres to dive into.  Majority of the time I walk in and wander around aimlessly with no specific book in mind.  I tend to find myself in the uplifting aisles like self-improvement.  I look for a title that catches my eye, choose a random book, find a quiet corner to sit and I flip through the pages.  I usually come across something that speaks to me in the moment and causes me to look at things differently.  For me, reading is very therapeutic and it leaves me feeling motivated and inspired.



Surround Yourself With Positive People 

Whatever you put out is what you attract.  I firmly believe this, which is why I think it’s so important to think about the people that you surround yourself with a constant basis.  Are they empowering and driven?  Do they often speak in a positive tone sending out good vibes when you’re in their presence? Are they supportive and uplifting when you are facing life’s struggles?  If not, then they should be and it’s something for you to think about.  I’ve become very picky with who I allow in my close knit circle of friends because it’s important for me to be around genuine, positive and empowering people.  Just a simple conversation with one of them can easily lift my spirits and make me feel so much better about whatever had me down and out.  Having real heart-to-heart conversations, or as I like to call them ” Life Chats,” can be just the kind of push that you need to get you of bed and motivated to crush your goals.

Thanks so much for checking out this post.  Happy Weekend!


  1. This is so helpful to me right now! Thanks, Natalie!

  2. Very helpful tips. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.
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