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Biggest Blogging Lessons: Blogger Edition

After receiving such incredible feedback on my first Blogger Edition post that focused on the biggest challenges in blogging, I honestly couldn’t wait to do it again with a different group and a new topic. I love this new collaborative way to shed some light on what happens not just behind “my scenes,” but behind theirs as well. It’s an amazing thing to be transparent, but it’s even more amazing when you can get others to show their transparency too. My hope is to help bring more of this into the industry. Let’s dig deeper and let’s do it together. Hopefully these posts of mine can inspire others to showcase more of their own unfiltered truths. As somewhat of a follow-up from the first blogger edition post, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on some of the biggest lessons that we have all learned so far with running our blogs full-time because let’s face it, there are many of them. We make mistakes. We are always growing. I reached out to 9 more incredible and diverse women, all whom have such different styles and aesthetics. From learning the importance of investing in their brand to understanding the value of the word “no” to realizing that nothing is guaranteed in this industry, they’ve come together today to share their lessons and perspectives with all of you. They each inspire me with their dedication and consistency. Some are moms and some have other hustles on the side. They’re all killing it in their own way and I’m excited to have included them in today’s post!

To kick things off, I wanted to share one of the biggest lessons that I have personally learned over these last 5 years. I’ve realized how important it is to be and stay organic with everything that I do no matter how much changes in this industry. I have to continue to grow organically and do things the right way, no matter how long it may take me. I don’t ever want the foundation of what I have built to be based on something that isn’t genuine and authentic. I have to continue to be organic with the content that I create and share. This is what helps to build trust and a relationship with my readers. While my writing often leaves me exposed and vulnerable to my audience, I have found that there is a beauty in that vulnerability that allows me to create deeper and more meaningful connections with all of you. It’s made me realize that this is what sets me apart from others and instead of focusing on someone else’s path, I have to continue to pave the way for my own journey. This has helped me to not only be a better blogger and business woman, but to just be a better person overall. It’s that type of personal evolution that has helped me grow so much in this business. Always remember that regardless of how many bloggers there may be, there is only one you. Stay authentic to who you are and people will take notice. The rest will follow.

There are so many ups and downs when it comes to running a blog full-time. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far and how has it helped you grow and improve?

Mara – Los Angeles
M Loves M @maraferreira

“With all the ups and downs of blogging, I feel like the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that saying no can be a good thing. It can be challenging when you make your hobby a career and similarly face the unpredictability of non-salaried work. While some months are busy, other months are slow. It’s part of the nature of blogging. Turning down a project can sometimes feel scary when you’re relying on a paycheck, but it can often be the best thing for your business, particularly if it’s not something you wholeheartedly stand behind. In the long run, you’ll get more projects based on your authentic voice and collaborations, and your readers will trust you more.”

Kimberly – New York
Penny Pincher Fashion @ppfgirl 

“I had signed a deal to design & produce my own jewelry line – we had already announced it to my audience and over half of the pieces were in production when the manufacturer chose to back out of our deal. It was a really
difficult time, but through that, I learned that nothing is guaranteed in this business – people go back on their word, partnerships fall through & contracts are broken. I can’t control when those things happen to me, but I can control my response. Am I going to let my disappointment get the best of me & become bitter, as if I was “owed” something? Or am I going to accept the circumstances as they are, choose a dignified response & move forward with grace? I hope that I’m always strong enough & humble enough to do the latter.”

Erika – New Jersey
Lola Blue Style @lolabluestyle

“One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from blogging has been dedication and perseverance. I’ve seen my blog grow in the past 2 years in a way that I wouldn’t have ever imagined. I may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, but I have become very confident in the quality of my content in the past year. Dedicating myself to my brand and taking my blog seriously has been essential to my growth as a career woman and as an individual. Blogging is not an easy job because your blog becomes whatever time and dedication you give it. It truly becomes a 24/7 job when you’re serious about this business. This business has helped me grow on so many levels, but most importantly as a human being. The connection and relationship I have with my readers is truly priceless. I believe that being transparent and genuine is key. This is when your growth as a blogger, but mostly as an individual flourishes.”

Ashley – Los Angeles
Every Day Pursuits @everydaypursuits

“INVEST. Both time and money. If you don’t nurture your blog you can’t expect it to grow – that’s everything from
investing in quality photography and graphics to spending real amounts of time planning your editorial calendar and writing content. 
The second I started looking at my blog like a job and not a side hobby (even when it was still a side hustle), I saw my readership grow immensely. On top of that, when I decided to invest in a graphic designer to make my monthly trend guides and travel guides, I saw Pinterest traffic and affiliate revenue take off. Look at spending money on your blog as investing in career growth and development!”

Kristin – Charleston
Living In Color Print @kristinclarkfsu

“Oh goodness, I feel like I’m constantly still learning and growing everyday! But I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past 5 years is I can’t do it all. I’m just one person. Admitting that and allowing myself to be at peace with that fact really is life changing. I think we all get so caught up in ‘keeping up’ with everyone else, it’s as if you don’t have a chance to enjoy what you’re actually doing.

Delegating tasks I’m not good at, don’t find joy in, or are time consuming to a trusted assistant has been key. It’s not easy though! As a type-a, get things done kind of girl, having someone else handle certain aspects of my business can be daunting. And yes, no one will do things exactly the way you would, but I’m constantly reminding myself that no successful business woman got to where they are today solely on their own. Sometimes you need help and support from a trustworthy team. Delegating has allowed me to focus on things I need to accomplish in my day-to-day and grow my business in new areas!”

Marie – Canada
Marie’s Bazaar @mariesbazaar

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to stay true to who you are. There are so many people who will judge you and put their frustration about themselves out on you, it is basically impossible to please everyone. That goes with brands you collaborate with too! Many times they will try to make you do what they want, but it might not be how you would have done it, therefore diminishing your image and personal brand. It is important to stay genuine and not
compromise yourself for the sake of a pay-cheque! Just do you, and your audience will follow.”

Lisa Linh – Los Angeles
By Lisa Linh @bylisalinh

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far from running a blog full-time is to not sit on anything and by that, I mean don’t wait around to get shit done. Unless you have a team behind you, you are 100% in charge and responsible, therefore you can’t just wait for the right moment to start on a project or finish a post. Having this responsibility forces you to prioritize and realize what’s truly important not only when it comes to business, but in your personal life too. You don’t have time to dwell on just anything; time is the most valuable tool you have so I learned how to manage it (to an extent) and take advantage of the time we get.”

Jessica – Atlanta
My Style Vita @mystylevita 

“One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned is to always cover your ass. Whether it be in creating contracts that protect your content or setting aside a set amount of money each month for retirement and also an emergency fund. Overtime, I learned how to create and execute successful collaborations based on trial and error and running into major issues. You live and learn!”

Kyrzayda – New Jersey
Kyrzayda @kyrzayda_

“I have been running my blog full time for a year and half. I have certainly faced many struggles. Everyday is a learning process for me. I feel like there is always room for growth. When I started my blog, I wasn’t consistent at all, but when I saw that I could turn it around I invested everything to make it work. It’s important to have discipline with your money and invest in the things that will help you grow, like your site and photography. Not waiting on everything to be for free and just doing work regardless of reward.

I still struggle with creating content that I know I’m capable of creating. I guess I’m just a perfectionist. If I had to pick one lesson that has allowed me to evolve it is to not be scared of learning from my peers. It’s ok to be inspired by others. It’s ok to count on a mentor to teach you the craft. It’s ok to ask questions and partner up with others to help each other. Being thankful each day, I always thank God and my followers for allowing me to do what I love. This platform depends on so many people and the key is to make sure they know you’re THANKFUL. “


As you can see, this has all been one huge learning experience for everyone and I’m pretty sure there are more lessons to be learned. I think part of the beauty of running your own business, in any capacity, is the way that it helps you grow on so many different levels. I hope that you enjoyed this blogger edition as much as the last one. Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts. What topic would you like me to cover in the next post? Thanks so much for reading! ❤️


  1. I love ALL of this advice! It’s reassuring to hear other blogger’s struggles, and motivating to see their success. I’ve been putting more and more of my time and money into my content and overall brand, and hearing Ashley’s response gives me confidence that what I’m doing is worth it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

    • Naty

      Thanks so much Katie! So happy that you enjoyed this post and that it resonated with you. I loved Ashley’s response too. It really is so important to invest. Keep doing what you’re doing! xoxo

  2. Loved this babe!!! Thank you for including me, but most of all thank you for including all these girls because it is so helpful knowing all these lessons (that we kind of all are learning everyday!). XOXO

    • Naty

      I loved having you! Thanks so much for participating babe.xo

  3. Thank you for inviting me Naty super sweet of you!

    • Naty

      Thank you for participating love! xo

  4. Love this series and everyone’s amazing answers!

    • Naty

      Yay thank you girl! I’m so happy that you love it!

  5. Loved reading everyone’s responses. Feel honored to have been included!! Thank you so much Naty!!

    • Naty

      Loved having you in this Mara! Thank you for participating! xo

  6. Bethalize

    I love love love that you do this! I so look forward to your behind the blog post. This is def inspiring and motivational seeing all these beautiful creative souls make a hobby their career. Great advice from all of you queens.

    • Naty

      Thank you so much! Aren’t they all amazing? Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. This is amazing content. It’s not just a way to connect, but also a way to build each other up in the blogging community. It’s so much deeper than what we can portray on “the ‘gram”. It’s refreshing to know I’m not alone in this journey + that even though everyone has a different one, we are connected in the hustle. If that makes sense. Thanks for posting this, I can’t wait until the next edition!

    • Naty

      Yes I totally agree and I get what you meant. I think there needs to be more of “we’re in this together” and not just “I’m in this for myself” because while we are each on our own paths, it’s still amazing to show support and empowerment. So happy you love this new series and thank you so much for reading and for your feedback!

  8. Dan

    Loved this read!!!! Everyone thinks it’s all cake and rainbows but there’s a lot of struggle and lessons.

    • Naty

      Love you Dan! It’s so true, many struggles and lessons. xo

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