Celebrating Self-Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I just wanted to pop in and share a quick little message that was on my heart.

I don’t have a husband or a boyfriend, so today I am celebrating self-love. I am celebrating the relationship that I have with myself. It’s hard sometimes when all of the people closest to you are in relationships and you see how happy they are in love. It’s normal to feel a
little bit of sadness, especially on days like today, knowing that you don’t have a special
someone in your life.

In full transparency, I used to hate Valentine’s Day whenever I didn’t have anyone to share it with. The only real valentine that I had every year without fail was my father. When he passed away, this day got even harder for me. Over these last 6 years though, I have grown a lot. While the relationship that I have with myself is nowhere near perfect, it’s one that I choose to celebrate and it’s one that I am proud of.

If you are single like me, then celebrate YOU. Don’t let days like today get you down. Buy yourself flowers, take yourself out to eat, or get yourself something special. Self-love is the most important love and once you’ve built on that, the rest will all fall into place exactly when it’s supposed to.

I used to have so many doubts about this, but now my faith in love is stronger than it ever was before. I know that God will place the right man in my life when He believes that I am ready. So for right now, I’ll keep working on me.

May we all continue to not only love ourselves, but to also spread love to others every
single day. ❤️

  1. Such a perfect post for today because I think some people fail to realize you don’t have to be with someone to feel loved or happy, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

    • Naty

      YES!! <3

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