How Eye Health Affects My Style

A couple of months ago, THE eyeSOLUTON by Alcon invited me to Chicago to kick off a fun sponsored partnership with them. They bring all of Alcon’s over-the-counter eye care brands together in one place for consumers.  Working with them on this partnership felt very genuine and authentic for me since I have been wearing contacts since high school and Alcon’s OPTI-FREE products have honestly been my go-to for years. I also know first hand how much our eye care needs change over time. I have noticed a big difference with my eyes now that I am in my 30s. The older I’ve gotten, the more importance I have put on taking care of them. I have to admit that I was a bit careless when I was younger. I remember my
father would always remind me to take out my contact lenses, clean them and to never go to bed with them. I had one too many nights in my 20s when I would fall asleep with my lenses still on.  Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson!

I think the biggest challenge for me in terms of eye care was battling the dryness of my
contact lenses.  This is something that I noticed more and more over the last few years once I hit my 30s. When my contacts were dry, my eyes became extremely uncomfortable. It
either felt like they were going to fall out of my eyes [this has happened before] or my
vision would start to get a bit blurry because the lenses got cloudy. Since I wear contacts every single day, it’s essential for me to take care of them with the right products. They’re not daily disposables, so I have to clean them daily and let them soak in solution each night. It’s so easy to get mascara, eye liner or dust particles on them. I have been using
OPTI-FREE contact solution for years! Literally, it was the very first solution I was
introduced to. I have tried out a few others, but I’ve always stayed true to this brand for many reasons. My eyes can be sensitive, so some solutions just don’t work well for me. They can irritate my eyes leaving them red and causing discomfort. I have tried all of the OPTI-FREE solutions and Puremoist is definitely my favorite. It’s been great for all day comfort, which is something I need specifically since I spend so much time on the computer. I’m
always out and about each day shooting for the blog and heading to events or meetings, so it’s essential for me to be confident and comfortable with my style, especially when it comes to my eyes. They’re the first thing people notice, so of course I want to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Contact lens irritation tends to happen to me mostly at night when I am out having drinks, if I am in a place with smoke or fog and when I am very tired. It can be a bit scary because if something happens to my contacts when I am out, then I will literally not be able to see a thing. My prescription is -6.50, which basically means that I can’t see anything clearly if it’s more than an inch away from my face. There’s no way I would be able to drive myself home. This is one of the reasons why I love using OPTI-FREE Rewetting Drops. I always do my best to remember to bring them in my bag with me whenever I go out. There’s really no excuse not to since the bottle is so tiny. It’s perfect for that on-the-go lifestyle. I put a few drops in each eye and they’re instantly refreshed.  This especially helps when my lenses are
causing me to see blurry.  It alleviates any discomfort that I was feeling so that I can enjoy the rest of my night. Have any of you experienced these issues before with your
eyes/contacts? You should definitely check out OPTI-FREE Rewetting Drops.  I really think they can help.

Thanks so much for checking out today’s post.  I would love to get your thoughts on this!

*Disclosure: I received financial compensation from Alcon and THE eyeSOLUTION for my partnership.
As always, all opinions expressed are my own.
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