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Happy Friday loves.  I’m a bit under the weather today and my mind has honestly been all over the place lately.  I was having a really difficult time this morning trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to write about for today’s Life Chats.  I decided to keep this one short, sweet and straight to the point.  It’s a message that has been on my mind and in my heart lately for many reasons so I just wanted to share it with all of you.

My father always told me, “Slow and steady wins the race.” He pretty much said this to me and to all of his students on a constant basis.  I didn’t pay much mind to it back then.  I sort of brushed him off like, “Ok dad, I get it” but I didn’t really get it because I didn’t think that it applied to me.  I was wrong though and he was absolutely right.  I’ve been thinking about those words more so lately than ever before.  Direction is so much more important than speed.  Many people are going nowhere fast.   I have caught myself at times trying to rush my way through life without really knowing where I am going or what I will do when I get there. I much rather have direction over speed though, no matter how long it might take me.  My dad always told me to take my time, work hard and do things the right way.  He told me to never take shortcuts or to cheat my way through life because in the end I would only be fooling myself. I am not in competition with anyone and I am only trying to be better than the person I was yesterday. Forward movement, even if it’s at a steady pace.

 He taught me to always be humble and to treat everyone with the same amount of respect, no matter who they are or what their status is. He made me realize the importance of authenticity and doing things in an organic way.  It’s everything, especially in this industry.  I sometimes see people who are in such a rush to be “the next big thing” that they tend to compromise a bit of themselves to get there.  It’s not worth it if you end up losing a piece of yourself in the process. In such a crazy and fast paced world, we sometimes need to take a step back and remind ourselves of these things.  I’m so thankful for all of his advice and the life lessons that he taught me.  Even though I wasn’t fully listening back then, I am definitely listening now.

Thank you, dad.  <3 


I know this was much shorter than most of my Life Chats, but I hope that you were able to take something away from it.  As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read my posts.  Wishing all of you a happy weekend.


  1. I sooo needed this today. Blogging can be an emotional roller coaster where you're constantly questioning why you even do it anymore. There's so much competition out there that success can seem impossible. Your dad is right, you just have to compete against yourself and do it slow and steady. Thanks Naty!

    Xo Ally

    • Oh I know girl! As long as you keep doing things the right and organic way you will always be successful no matter what. <3

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