Listen To My First Podcast!

I’m so excited to announce that I did my first ever podcast interview! I have to say, this is something that I have somewhat manifested for awhile now. I knew that it would be an incredible way to share part of my story. I swear that I literally visualized myself doing this exact interview. And then – a year later it happened!

While I have written about my dad many times before, I’ve never spoken about him in an interview. It was extremely therapeutic and I love being able to carry out his legacy in different ways. We all have our own unique stories and it’s such a beautiful thing when we can share them with others. It’s a surreal feeling to have all of these platforms where I can share mine with all of you.

This was honestly such a personal conversation for me. I talked about losing my dad, dealing with grief, finding my voice in this industry, solo travel, how I got started with blogging and so much more. I hope that it gives you a bit more insight into my journey and who I am. I can’t lie, I got a bit emotional listening back on it because it served as this powerful reminder of how far I’ve come in these last 7 years. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my growth.

When Sam C. Perry reached out to me for this, I just knew it was something that I needed to do. A huge thank you to him for including me in his new podcast series. I really hope that you guys will give it a listen! You can check out the full interview here. It’s a 34 minute conversation, so feel free to listen while going about your day. ☺️

I would love to get your thoughts! Feel free to leave me a comment or a direct message on social media if you check it out. Look forward to chatting with you!


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