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It’s been too long since I did one of these!  I really wanted to do this once every two weeks but that never ends up happening.  So as always, here’s 9 of my most recent/favorite ones that I wanted to share with you all here on my blog 🙂
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1.  Are any of you on vine?  I took this screen shot from a video I posted yesterday.  Follow me if you’re on there! Username: Naty Michele. Wearing my favorite H&M mirrored aviators.
2.  Some details from yesterday’s outfit that will be posted on here tomorrow!  It was such a beautiful day 🙂
3. I wore this on Father’s Day.  Even though I didn’t have any plans, I still wanted to get dressed up in memory of my father.  It’s a maxi dress from Gypsy Warrior that I wore a couple of months back with booties and a faux leather jacket.
4.  It never gets easier and it’s going on 3 years already.  This is something I wrote on Father’s Day that I wanted to share on here:
You always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. You pushed me to be a better person and made me understand what it really meant to work hard for the things that I wanted in life. You were always there for me through the good and the bad times with your unconditional support and love. You made me realize that I couldn’t wish my life away and that if I had dreams I needed to go out and make them come true. Well dad, they are starting to come true but the only thing missing is you. Not a single day goes by where I don’t think of you. I was so blessed to have you as my father. You will always be the number one man in my life. With every part of me, I miss you and I love you. Happy Father’s Day my angel. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.
5.  Last week I went over to Nadia’s house, who literally lives around the block from me.  It was such a great relaxing afternoon with some yummy healthy snacks and blogging talk.
6. This is the pictorial I made for the milkmaid braid.  Make sure to check out my video for this if you haven’t yet: Milkmaid Braid Tutorial 
7.  I wore this to my sister’s fitness competition 2 weeks ago.  This INSPIRE shirt was made for me by
 Classic Tone. I am so appreciative of it because as you know, I am literally branded with the word inspire (my tat) and it’s truly my daily mantra to try and inspire every single day.
8.  I could not agree with this more!  Continue to dream BIG and don’t let anyone discourage you or make you feel that you aren’t capable because you most certainly ARE!
9.  I mentioned a a few weeks ago in one of my posts that I styled a test shoot and these are just 2 of the looks that I did.  Once the site launches I will be giving you more details (really excited), but one thing I can say now is that I am going to be their stylist for all of their shoots going forward.  We have 2 official shoots next week for the website which will be launching in July! 🙂
Happy Thursday!!
  1. great photos!!
    love the hair style tutorial!
    Meital from Très Jolie fashion blog

  2. Cuute post!

  3. very nice outfits and you look incredible in sunnies – cheers to summer!!

    Check out my new blogpost featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! 🙂

  4. I really like the way his style 🙂

    Kantor Jelly Gamat

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