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It’s been so long since I did an Insta-Recap!  I’m headed to Chicago tomorrow morning on an early flight and wanted to get another post in before the weekend so I figured today would be the best day for  this!
As always, here’s 9 of my favorite/recent instagram pics!
1.  Finally got myself a rolling rack!  I thought this would be perfect for the new pieces that I receive and it makes it so much easier to see what I have to style for my blog.  I got this one on amazon for $15 and it’s easy to put together!
2. I went to lunch this day and wore my favorite blue shoes and floral print pants.  Love the combo!
3.  My little creative space!  I have Audrey & McQueen on the wall, a view of new clothes, fresh flowers on the table, my macbook and of course my mustache mug for morning coffee 🙂 I think it’s important to make your workspace inspiring.
4.  Selfie in my H&M floral pants.  I shot pictures this day but unfortunately they just didn’t translate well on camera.  Love this print though!
5. It was beautiful this day so I went to the park in my Nirvana tee from Forever21 🙂 Sometimes it feels good to just rock a tee and jeans!
6. The love of my life turned 3!  Kiko is seriously the best dog ever and I am so blessed with him.  We always get him the cutest little birthday treats and he loves his PAW-TY hat
7.  I have been buying myself fresh flowers once a week for the desk in my room.  It makes me smile and brightens my day.
8. Took this selfie the day I shot my road trip pics for Charlotte Russe 🙂  Wearing my favorite every day lipstick MAC Creme Cup.
9. A little sneak peek of what I am bringing with me to Chicago.  I honestly always wait till the last minute to pack because I never really know what I will be doing and what I want to wear.  I swear I am the worst!  The weather over there has been similar to here in Jersey, just a little cooler but I am still dressing for Spring!  I really wish there was a way to transport my entire closet 🙂
Make sure to follow me on instagram @natybaby! I’ll be posting some pics during my Chicago trip. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
  1. Cool post! Definitely inspiring me to keep up with my instagram more! Very nice!

  2. You are such an inspiration for up and coming fashion bloggers! Thank you 🙂

    Also, is Kiko a bich-poo? He looks just like my puppy Kingsley.

    Bec Boop xoxo

    • thanks so much sweetie! Kiko is actually a cockapoo! His mom is full poodle and apparently his dad was a cockapoo. So he is mostly poodle 🙂

  3. I love your instagram pictures! They're always so inspirational 😀
    Also, the mac lipstick looks so pretty!

  4. You're adorable and I love your style! Your dog is so cute as well!


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  6. Thanks for sharing love your style Girl! Can't wait to see what other looks you come out with!


  7. Dab

    Hey wishing kiko a very happy birthday such a cute pet really,…and I am super excited to see what's coming this weekend by you….:-)

  8. Loving those floral pants on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love that rolling rack of clothes – what a great idea! And I fully support buying flowers for yourself 🙂 Have fun in Chicago!

  10. I need to come shop your closetASAP!!!


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  13. I love the fresh flowers idea, Its hard to get motivated sometimes when working at home in closed quarters. Great way to bring fresh air in 🙂

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