Ruffles & Tassels In Mexico

I’m back with one last post from Mexico, (tears) but this time it’s a fun collab with Sydne! We packed some similar items for this trip, totally unplanned, so we thought it would be a good idea to shoot something together! We actually started laughing as we were unpacking our suitcases and saw what we both brought. The second night for dinner, we both wore these floral embroidered ruffle cross back dresses (that’s a tongue twister) with tassel earrings. I mean, when in Mexico, right? #TWINNING. Now our idea of shooting together was asking someone from the hotel to quickly snap a bunch of pics of us. The staff was the best! Make sure to check out that recap post here. We ended up getting some cute pics though! I haven’t done a blogger collab like this in awhile, so I am really happy that we
decided to do this. I forgot how much fun it is to shoot with other bloggers.

Our styles are very different, but there are some similarities too. As you can see we were definitely on the same wave length when it came to packing for this trip. From the tassel
earrings down to the ankle strap sandals, we basically had the same idea! It’s kind of like NY meets LA. I definitely brought a city chic vibe to Cabo and I love her effortless LA style. Just like me, Sydne tries to focus on affordable fashion. Both of our dresses are under $100, which I think is great. I loved that mine was black and hers was white. You don’t always have to do bright or bold colors when on vacation. I know for sure that I will get more use of out mine, so to me that is money well spent. Dresses like these are perfect for vacations, parties and other summertime activities. The ruffles make them so cute and fun, especially when it comes to twirling and dancing. I’m all about that movement!💃🏻

I’m a big fan of cross back anything. I think it adds a nice touch of sex appeal, while still keeping it super classy. I’m all about pieces that are fun and flirty, especially this time of year. I mean both of these dresses were perfect for a resort vacation! Tassel earrings are
another huge trend that you will continue to see during this season. I typically wear small studs every single day, so a pair of statement earrings like these are perfect for a fun night out, especially when on vacation. I definitely need to stock up on a few more styles. I love the ones that Sydne wore. It’s always good to switch up your accessories! Those little
details can make a big impact on your look.

I am still suffering from post-vacay blues wishing that I was back in Mexico. Hope you’ve
enjoyed all of my posts from Cabo. Thanks for checking out today’s post, my loves. I’ll be back next week, business as usual. Happy weekend! ❤️

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  1. Loved twinning with you!

    • Naty

      So fun! xo

  2. I don’t know if it’s just the pictures, but you both look super tan here! I bet you both had an amazing time! So glad to see you went together.

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


    • Naty

      haha I definitely got tan! I actually burned a bit on my shoulders and back. Thank you love I had an amazing time! xo

  3. Nora

    Love it! So cute!!!! The view looks AMAZING and so relaxing!!! Hope you had tons of fun!

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