Snow Daze

Holy snow! ❄️ It definitely came down over the weekend and of course I could’t resist
playing in it for a little bit. I’m pretty sure this is why I haven’t been able to shake off my
current cold. 🙄 It actually got me really pumped for my potential trip to Iceland.  I seriously just need to lock in the dates and book it already.  The crazy thing is that the temps have been lower over here than it’s been in Iceland this past week. I’m ok to go from cold to cold as long as it’s not COLDER. Ha! I thought it would be fun to share a few snowy photos that I took on Saturday and Sunday and share some of my winter dressing tips!

When it comes to dressing warm in winter weather conditions, there are definitely a few  staple pieces that I think everyone should have. You might live in a place where it never snows, but you may want to travel somewhere that looks like a winter wonderland every once in awhile. These key pieces will help you stay warm and prepared for whatever the weather brings!

Snow boots: I have a confession. I never had a real pair of snow boots until recently.  Every year, I just wore a pair of rain boots with the sock inserts to keep my feet warm. I know a lot of people do this with Hunter boots.  When I thought about taking the trip to Iceland and hiking up glaciers or walking around near the waterfalls, the first thing on my list to get was a great pair of snow boots and Sorel did not disappoint! I have worked with them in the past and knew that I had to reach out for some winter gear. They are the real deal.


Winter Coat: Pretty sure this is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t prepared with a proper winter coat. I personally prefer parka styles with a faux fur hood, like the two different ones I am wearing in this post. The first one is a lighter version, but the one I have on in majority of these pics is much heavier and more durable.  I love these because it’s easy for me to layer underneath. Some coats can be so thick that it makes it difficult for me to wear more than one piece under it.  The key in the winter is to wear layers, especially if you are going to be inside and outside repeatedly. You want to take things off or add them on with ease. The hood is also perfect to wear on top of your beanie for extra warmth and coverage. These types of coats are definitely more pricey, but they’re worth the investment and will last you several winter seasons.

Thermal Shirts/Long Sleeve Tees: These are a MUST for wearing underneath your sweaters.  There is no way that I can wear a sweater during the winter without something under it. The cold air seeps through knits so easily and when it hits your back, boy do you feel it. If you are going to be somewhere with freezing temps, I would suggest wearing a thermal or long sleeve tee, then layer on a turtleneck and then layer on a heavy sweater. A minimum of 2-3 layers is always needed.

Leggings: You probably can’t tell, but underneath my jeans I have on a pair of thick black  fleece lined leggings.  These definitely act as thermals for me.  Just like with sweaters, the cold air seeps through our jeans and pants so easily.  This is why it’s important to layer on the bottom just like we do up top. They keep me extra cozy!

Winter Accessories: I’m talking about scarves, beanies and gloves!  I know that I don’t have gloves on in these photos and that’s only because I left the house without them for this shoot. 🤔 Thankfully it was very sunny yesterday, so I didn’t feel the cold as much. I’m also used to this weather, unfortunately. But trust me, you need a good pair of gloves! I love wearing beanies the most because they’re so comfortable and easy to style.  They seriously look cute with everything.  When it comes to scarves, I say the bigger the better! There is so much versatility with them, so you can wear them in different ways.

Hope you liked this wintery post! What are some key pieces that you can’t go without
wearing this season? ❄️


    • Naty

      Yay thanks so much girl! Thermals are so essential and not even people wear them!

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