Stranger Things – Halloween


If you watched Stranger Things, then I know you will understand this costume reference! If you haven’t, then you are probably so confused right now. lol In case you have yet to binge-watch the series, I decided to dress up as Joyce Byers!  I came up with the idea late last night and have been running around all morning trying to put this together.  I am always so last minute when it comes to Halloween!  It takes me forever to figure out what I want to be because I love to put my costume together myself. I couldn’t figure out how to top Walter White from last year.  I don’t think I ever will. I really wanted to replicate the infamous scene when Joyce creates an Ouija board on her wall by painting the alphabet and hanging Christmas lights. This is when everyone thinks that she is losing her mind. If you google Joyce Byers from Stranger Things, then you will see a ton of photos from this scene! I found a similar outfit to hers and just picked up the poster board, floral paper, christmas lights and telephone. My mom and I were hysterically laughing when we were shooting this because I was trying to get into character.  😉

Hope you enjoyed! What did you guys dress up as?
Happy Halloween! 🙂

  1. Lst minute late night ideas are the best! Haha, love you!!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


    • Naty

      They totally are! haha thanks love! xo

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