The Longer, The Better

Happy Monday! I’m back with another long coat, no surprise here. In fact, this is probably the longest one that I own now! I loved the response that I got last week from so many of my fellow petites, saying that you too love wearing longer length pieces regardless of your height. 🤗

Outfit Details
Coat: ASOS | Sweater: Zara [similar style] | Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: old, similar | Hat: H&M [similar] | Bag: Mezzanotte [love this]


We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather in the 60s this past weekend and I truly got a taste of spring! I shot this look last week though when the temps were lower and it was super windy, so I have to admit that I rushed through this shoot. As a result some shots were slightly out of focus, but I’m so happy that I was able to get some good ones! I
seriously give major props to my mom for braving the cold weather with me. I’m always open about the little challenges that I face when taking photos because it’s not always fun and not every photo comes out good. We only have to make it through another month of winter, yay!

I won’t keep going on about my love affair with long coats because I’m pretty sure you all got the memo by now. So let’s just talk about the styling here. I thought it would be best to pair this one with my classic pumps and these high waisted black skinnies to give the
appearance of longer legs. I will admit that with this particular coat, I did not want to look as short as I am. Hopefully I achieved that. I probably wouldn’t wear this one with sneakers or flats. It’s actually one size up from what I normally wear, but I loved the oversized fit.  I decided to break up all the dark tones here, so I added in this creme sweater that I have worn more times than I care to admit. It’s seriously just so soft and comfortable that I would totally sleep in it if I could. Maybe I have. I’ll never tell.

Hope you all have an amazing start to the week!

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