Wanderlust Heart

And maybe some day, in the near or distant future, I’ll meet my love while wandering around the world. 

Imagine that’s the way it happened? I’ve sort of been thinking about that lately. While I am content with where I’m at in my life and while my wanderlust heart continues to roam on its own, there are moments when I wish I had someone in my corner- someone to share it all with. I often hope that in the midst of my travels, I’ll meet him. I leave for Spain on Wednesday night, so I couldn’t help but have that thought cross my mind. I mean hey, you never know. Either way though, I know that I will be fine. I really am having so much fun with these international travels and can’t wait to see more of the world, even it continues to be on my own. It allows my spirit to run free. ♥︎

Outfit Details
Shirt: Dynamite | Jacket: BarIII | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: BarIII
Bag: Mezzanotte [similar style] |Hat: H&M [similar]

It’s been a super hectic couple of days. It’s so crazy how I book my trips months in advance, usually, and then when it comes time to go I feel so unprepared. I didn’t create much of an itinerary for each city and I sort of just want to wing it all with no set plans. I have a list of some top attractions that I want to see and I also hope to hit up some spots that the locals go to. I have not booked any tours, although I am hoping to possibly book at least one while I’m in Madrid or Barcelona. I will be doing a food tour though, which I’m looking forward to! The bad news is that I am getting sick again. I woke up with a sore throat and I’m getting super congested. Just my luck! A lot of you gave me some amazing home remedies to try out via IG stories so I will make sure to do a bunch of those between tonight and tomorrow. Ahhhh still can’t believe I am leaving for Spain in a little over 24 hours! This country has literally been on my bucket list long before I started the blog. I can’t wait to finally see all of its beauty in person.

I wish that I would have been more prepared with content before leaving! I actually shot this look yesterday to make sure I could have something go up today. This look has sort of been my go-to lately. I’m loving these cropped jeans with the irregular hemline and these little shoes are coming with me to Spain. I apologize in advance that things will be pretty silent over here on the blog while I’m gone. If I have time, I might put something up tomorrow before I go. Otherwise, I might try to check-in from Spain to say hi! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram though and I’ll make sure to share more of the experience through snapchat and IG stories. I might even go LIVE on insta to show you guys a little bit of Spain. Sorry to keep this post short, but it’s my mom’s birthday and we are headed back out to celebrate her life! I also have to start packing (no idea what I’m taking) and finish up a few things before the day gets away from me. Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to share my Spain experience with all of you!

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