What Are You Waiting for? + The Power Of A Good Tee

There’s something about being at the train station that makes you think about waiting. I’m not talking about waiting for the train [ha!] but in a deeper sense. At least that’s what it made me think about yesterday. It really inspired me to touch on this topic a little bit with all of you today. The problem with waiting around for something to happen is that there is no action. There is no sense of urgency. Essentially all it’s doing is holding you back from reaching your full potential. It sort of chips away at your greatness and dims the brightness of your light. So what is it exactly that you are waiting for and more importantly, why are you waiting? 

Sometimes I am forced to ask myself these questions. I like to think of myself as a go-getter and a dream chaser. For the most part, if I want something I will do everything in my power to go and get it. I’m a firm believer in creating the life that you want. However, there are a few things that I noticed I have been “waiting around for.” When I think about whatever it is that I still have not yet achieved or received, I have to take a hard look at the facts. They have not happened for me yet for the simple fact that I have just been waiting for them to magically come to me. It’s time wasted that I could have spent on taking action with real purpose. This is why I don’t really agree with the quote, “Good things come to those who wait.” Patience is a virtue, yes. I completely understand that we need to be patient when it comes to certain things. BUT, I don’t want to wait my life away either. Good things come to those who hustle too.

Most likely if you find yourself constantly waiting around, there is a reason. Is it fear to go after what you want head on? Is it the possibility of failure? Is it insecurity and self-doubt? Or could it possibly be the lack of motivation? You need to think about the answers in order to get to the root of it all. For me personally, I can tell you that my reasons have been a little bit of self-doubt mixed with a little bit of fear. It’s not easy to admit, but I think that sometimes I feel I’m not deserving of certain things and without realizing it I convince myself of this. The way we think and the way that we see ourselves plays such a huge role in our actions or lack thereof. Once you figure out the WHY, you have to start changing your mentality. It is truly life changing. So often we set ourselves up for failure before we’ve even tried. We are way more capable and way more deserving than we realize. If there is something that you want, then by all means move forward towards those goals each and every day. Don’t wait around when you can DO. Do it now. Take baby steps if you must, but just make sure you take that step. It can change your entire world.

Outfit Details
Tee: Target | Jeans: Forever21 [old, love these] | Shoes: BarIII
Earrings: Charming Charlie | Bag: Sugar | Hat: H&M [similar] | Belt: H&M

I feel like it’s been awhile, so let’s talk style for a minute. I’m a bit seasonally confused as half of me wants summer to stay while the other half is longing for fall. I can’t lie, I missed the typical street style shooting! I tried to still change things up though and I think this was a good compromise. It’s really just a matter of utilizing the location you choose as much as possible. I’m working on creating a good balance overall so that I’m constantly keeping my style shoots fresh and creative.  I would love to get your thoughts and I hope that you continue to enjoy these posts.

Never underestimate the power of a good TEE! This outfit was honestly the result of not knowing what to wear. I needed to give my off-the-shoulder tops a rest. (although I’ll probably wear one tomorrow 😂) But seriously, tees like this are one of the most versatile items that you can have in your wardrobe. They serve as a great layering basic as we begin to transition seasons and of course they work well on their own too. Most of us tend to gravitate towards classic white, but I’m personally loving grey and darker neutrals as we head into fall. I’ve gotten a few questions about where I typically buy my basics and Target is probably my top go-to for this. They’re super affordable so you can stock up on a few different colors and styles to get you through a few seasons. This one in particular is super soft and oh so comfortable.

Thanks for stopping by today my loves. Sorry for the lack of content this week. Wishing you all a happy weekend!


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