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Travel Tuesday: My 2-Day LA Diary

naty michele wearing a velet leopard blazer in LA It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend you guys. I just got back early morning Saturday (3am) from a quick 2-day trip in LA, I got very sick (again) and came home to my grandpa being in the hospital. Thankfully, he is doing much better. He’s seriously the definition of a fighter. You can read more of what happened here.

In case you’re wondering why I’ve been MIA yet again, that’s pretty much why. I’m telling you this season has been so hectic, but as always I find a way to make it all work. I am still playing major catch up, but can’t wait to share more consistent content on here again soon!

It feels good to be back with another Travel Tuesday. I hadn’t been to LA in about 4 years, so when the opportunity came up for me to go with JCPenney and iHeart Radio, I got really excited. LA is one of those places that I’ve been to multiple times and never get tired of. While it was a very short trip, I still feel like I got to do a lot. The best part was that I even got to bring a friend with me this time. Thanks for coming Tati and for taking my photos!

naty michele wearing off the shoulder sweater drinking coffeebreakfast from sweet butter kitchen naty michele wearing a beret and off the shoulder top in LA

We landed early afternoon on Wednesday, which gave us some free time for the first day. I’m always super tired and jet-lagged when there’s a time difference, so I think I was delirious for most of that day. Haha

We stayed at Hotel Amarano in Burbank. So pretty! This was my first time being over in that area, so we got to explore Studio City and Sherman Oaks a bit. At night we went up by The Grove to check out the holiday decor and grab dinner. By the way – bookmark Sweet Butter Kitchen and Aroma Café for your next visit to LA. They have the cutest atmospheres and best breakfast! While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and stop at an In-N-Out too. You know I had to. 😋

The purpose of this trip was to get ready with JCPenney at their Glam Suite and head to an intimate iHeart Radio Musica Latina concert with Becky G. We got to catch her private sound check and do a meet and greet too. She is the cutest thing and seriously so talented! I shared some videos on my Insta Stories that I hope you got to watch!
naty michele at jcpenney glam suite in la
The Glam Suite was filled with an accessories wall to complete our looks, a hairstyling station, light bites, champagne and a preview of some new JCPenney pieces. I’ve partnered with them several times this year, so this was such a fun way to close out 2017.

I picked out 3 different items from the store to create my look for the concert. Initially, I was concerned about the LA weather since it’s warm in the day and the temps drop at night. It ended up working out perfectly though. Velvet leopard? Yes, please! I even doubled up on the velvet with this black bodysuit. I can’t find it online, but there were a bunch at the store. When it comes to concert outfits, I’m honestly all about pieces that are trendy, yet comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to find these at JCPenney and so happy that I went with this look!

Another fun part about the suite was hanging out with some other amazing latina women in the industry. Below is my friend Tati and fellow bloggers Abril and Rachel. ☺️Then on the last day, I got to meet a long time reader! Karlycee has been following along on this journey with me since 2012. I haven’t been on snapchat in so long, but decided to share a few snaps while I was in LA. She happened to see them and realized that my hotel was literally right around the corner from her job!

I am SO happy that we got to meet and spend some time together literally having a Life Chat. She was one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful to have such an incredible and supportive online fam. If you ever see that I’m traveling in your city, PLEASE let me know. I absolutely love meeting you guys in person. It really means the world. Thanks so much for stopping by my loves! I know you haven’t had much reason to come here lately, but I am thankful that you are still here. It’s another crazy week prepping for Christmas, but I am hoping to share a few more things with you before the New Year! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the direction that I want to take with this site in 2018. I already have a few new design elements in the works that should be live within the next few weeks. Can’t wait for you to see. Love you. 😘

My JCPenney Concert Look
Leopard Blazer: Libby Edelman | Jeans: A.N.A. | Bodysuit: Bisou

Disclosure: Thank you to JCPenney and iHeart Radio for sending me to LA!
  1. Wow babe, you seem so confident in what you do! Aroma cafe is so sweet I haven’t been there in so long. I think you would also like Alfred Tea and Carrera Cafee. I’ve lived here my whole life and don’t really go to in N out but I hear everyone else (not from Cali) always talk about it! anyways, I hope your 2018 is an even better year for you! xoxo

  2. Naty

    You are always so sweet and it means the world to me! Thank you love! You definitely need to get IN-N-OUT at least once. I guess we all love it so much since we don’t have it here so it’s like a little treat when we visit haha I hope you have an incredible 2018! xo

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