Shop My Insta Looks!

I need to start this off with a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the incredible messages that I received on Friday for my father’s anniversary. Whether you left me comments or reached out privately, I appreciate all of your kind and loving words. I don’t think you realize how much it meant to me. I have so much love for all of you.

I just wanted to pop on today with a little reminder that you can shop all of my Instagram looks right here on the blog under my SHOP section. It had been awhile since I updated it, but I am trying to stay on top of it more. These are some recent looks that you guys seemed to love on IG!

Mint Lace Dress: I wore this over the weekend to my friend’s bridal shower. I actually got it the night before and thought that it was perfect for the occasion! I definitely plan to wear this again for another special event. I received so many compliments! Funny thing to note is that this is a calf length dress, but since I am so short it came to my ankles. I actually prefer it this way though! I spent the full price in store, but I see that it’s on sale on their site for $90.

Floral Top & Denim: I wore this look as part of a fun collab that I recently did with JCPenney. So many of you asked about this shirt and I wish that I would have done a full shoot for the blog. The top is super affordable and on sale right now for only $14.99! I really love the sheer detailing.

Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit: Hands down, this is one of my favorite recent purchases. H&M has been killing it lately. I wore this to the Maluma concert last weekend and I was super comfortable in this. I will definitely be wearing it again for something else. I love that I am only 4’11 and can still get away with wearing wide-leg jumpsuits! So to all of my fellow petites, don’t let your height make you feel as though you can’t wear things like this.

Floral Top & Skirt: I wore this to the JCPenney event that I participated in a few weekends ago. I hope some of you got to see the fun back-to-school videos that I posted to IG stories. This top comes in other prints and colors, but I really loved the floral. It’s another super affordable piece.

There are other recent outfits in the SHOP so make sure to check those out too! If there’s anything specific that you loved on IG and don’t see in the shop section, please let me know so that I can add. Sometimes I can’t find an exact match online, so when that happens I will search for similar items. I hope you all have a great start to the new week!


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