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Happy mid-week fam! I’m sorry for being silent on here the last few days. I’ve been trying to take some more time for myself to get back into a healthier lifestyle and mindset. You guys know I struggle with this a lot. Instead of going on my email, editing photos and creating posts first thing in the mornings, I’ve been getting my cardio in instead. I took the weekend off from shooting too, which to be honest was a much needed little break. I also just did a 3-day refresh (today is my last day) because my body was in desperate need of a jumpstart. Not being able to drink coffee or eat like I normally do was a bit of a challenge and my energy levels were lower than usual, but I think every now and then it’s good to detox. My issue has always been consistency and it’s something I will continue to work on until I find the right balance. I’m feeling great today though and my body is definitely refreshed!

As you may or may not have notified, I’ve been doing more style posts lately. I realized that I had neglected them for awhile and now that I’ve been switching up my style of shooting, I really wanted to take advantage of these gorgeous summer days to create more content like this. Don’t worry though, I have been brainstorming new topic ideas for more travel, behind the blogging scenes and other lifestyle content too. I’ve also been getting a lot of requests to do a hair tutorial. I know that I’ve neglected my beauty content and this is something else that I hope to do a little more of too. I’m not sure if I will ever make a youtube and if I do, I wouldn’t want it to be a beauty focused channel. It would be more travel vlogs, daily vlogs, and lifestyle videos. However, I will definitely work on getting a hair post up on here soon. I just need to figure out the best way to shoot it for you guys. Hopefully this is something I can get up within the next few weeks!


We took these photos at my all-time favorite park, but this time we ventured out more to explore and experiment with different backdrops. Standing in front of the tall grass made me feel like I was out in the wild somewhere. I also got really excited when we found these small purple flowers because my top matched them perfectly! I’m LOVING the way that we have been doing our shoots lately and I hope you love them too. It really does help me get more creative and feel way more inspired than just standing in front of a plain wall. I can see that my mom has been enjoying these shoots a lot more too. It feels like every time we head out for photos it becomes another new adventure for us.

I’ve been going through such a green phase lately! Maybe it’s because of the season or maybe I’m just allowing myself to be open to more things. Last year I hated greenery and never wanted to take photos with it as my backdrop. But now, it’s everywhere and I’m totally OK with it. Ever since I stopped trying to stick to a color scheme on Instagram I’ve noticed that I am way more inspired to experiment. I’m still figuring out that balance of curating a beautiful feed while also not restricting myself. My feed has been a bit all over the place as I’ve been playing around with different ideas from a darker moody feel to more happy and colorful vibes. I recently switched to a new filter too, A1 on VSCO. So far, I am loving the new direction and I’ll see where it takes me creatively. Bottom line though, I will post whatever feels right to me!

Top: Cotton Candy LA [similar style here & here] | Denim Skirt: H&M | Bag: Etsy [also love] | Slides: BarIII 

I’ve noticed how casual my summer style has been this season. I’ve pretty much only opted for denim skirts and off-the-shoulder tops. I can’t even remember the last time I wore heels. These pieces are just so easy to wear and I don’t like to fuss with my outfits when the weather is so warm. I’m headed to Miami next week and I’m trying to prepare myself for the July humidity over there. It totally gives me Monica Gellar hair. Bonus points to you if you know that Friends reference. 😂

One thing that I have been absolutely crushing on this summer is this whole rattan basket bag trend. I seriously can’t get enough. This round one is from Etsy and came all the way from Bali. I’m obsessed. I ordered another one from a different Etsy shop that should be arriving at the end of this week. Both of them will be traveling with me to Miami! They literally go with just about everything. I am really trying to play around more with my looks when it comes to bags and accessories. I noticed that I fall into this habit of repeating so many of the same things, which in some ways can be good, but it can also get boring. My new life motto is to keep mixing it up in every possible way.

Hope you enjoyed the post! I would love to get your thoughts on this new direction that I have been taking. Always happy to read your comments and feedback! Have a great day my loves. 💛


  1. Good for you! I think it’s so important and admirable that you’re taking time for yourself. You look great! Love this top.

    • Naty

      Thanks so much babe! I think it’s so easy to caught up in the day-to-day that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves! Hope you’re having a great week. xo

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