A Haircut, A Beret & New Years Resolutions

lifestyle blogger naty michele with short hair wearing sweater and black coat My loves, Happy Monday! I’ve missed you! This season has probably been one of the most hectic times ever for me. I haven’t really had the chance to capture holiday inspired content or post as frequently as I had hoped to.

I swear I blinked my eyes and it went from Labor Day to almost Christmas in one big blur. Just when I think I’m finally catching up on everything, it feels like I start falling behind again. That’s life though, right?

There are some major updates that I need to share with you guys soon. I’m still waiting on a few things before I know 100% that everything is in line. I keep praying each day that it will all work out the way that it’s supposed to. I’ve done what I needed to do on my end, so now it’s just a matter of seeing if it’s truly meant for me. God willing, I will be starting off 2018 by achieving a huge personal milestone!

lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing denim with a beret and black coat

lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing a beret with a black coat

lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing denim with a beret and black coat

I’ve been thinking so much about resolutions for the New Year. All of mine are related to making necessary moves every single day to continue bringing me closer to my goals – professionally, personally and financially.

I’ve actually never been big on setting one specific resolution because I truly believe that we should treat each new day like an opportunity to create change in our lives. There’s definitely something about beginning a New Year that gets everyone a little more motivated to switch things up and start fresh. Hey – whatever moves you!

I usually have one main concern each time the end of the year comes around. I always want to make sure that I will continue to progress and evolve in all areas of my life. I always get that feeling of like, “What if I can’t top this year?” Or “What if next year I still haven’t achieved XYZ?” Do any of you ever feel that way too?

These thoughts can be overwhelming as I tend to put extra pressure on myself.  I also tend to put a lot on my plate at once. I think I get caught up in the mentality that I have to do it all. I’m constantly learning the power of NO and that it’s OK if I can’t tackle every single thing on my list at the same freaking time.

I am also constantly learning to have more patience and to have more faith in my capabilities because somehow, I manage to always make it work – even though I drive myself (and sometimes my mom) crazy in the process.

This year has taught me so many invaluable lessons and I’m just doing whatever I can to continue developing into the very best version of myself. I’m letting go of things not meant for me, embracing change and welcoming the unknown future with open arms! 
lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing beret blowing kisses

lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing a beret with a sweater and black coat
lifestyle blogger naty michele wearing a beret with denim and a black coat

What I’m Wearing
Coat: Wren & Willa via Stitch Fix [love this] | Jeans: A.N.A. | Sweater: Forever21
Sock Boots: Zara [love these] | Beret: Forever21 [similar] | Belt: Zara [similar here]


I know I’ve been slacking with my style posts, but truly hope that you’re enjoying all of the other content I have put out lately. I really love incorporating this Life Chat aspect into my outfit posts so that it hopefully provides a bit more value and engages you a little more to read through!

As far as my style goes, lately I’ve been all about casual looks. It’s always challenging for me to get dressed up during the colder months. Now that sweater weather and coat season has officially graced us with their presence, I just want to stay comfy and cozy!

I’m totally into this whole beret trend that you’re seeing everywhere. I love that it came back and not quite sure why it ever left. I also just got a much needed haircut over the weekend. I love how a fresh cut instantly lifts up my spirits and makes me feel refreshed!

This week is going to be super hectic as I’m leaving in a few days for a quick work trip to L.A. I’ll be sharing more on that soon. Hope you all have an amazing week!❤️


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