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Dark Summer Vibes


It’s been such a hectic week since I am leaving tomorrow night for Europe! I won’t be posting much on the blog while I am away,…

Peachy Keen


Happy Wednesday beauties! I didn’t mean to get this post up so late today, but here it is.  I couldn’t wait to share this look that I wore out on Saturday night.  …

Happy 4th Of July!


I’m sure you are all out and about celebrating today with family & friends, but I just wanted to pop in really quickly to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July!…

Favorite Summer Color Palette


Happy Thursday!
I wore this outfit over the weekend and I believe it was in the low 90s.  You know those days where you wish that you didn’t have to wear any clothes?  …

Tropical Vibes


Happiest of Mondays!  I’m pumped for a new week and have got a newfound sense of motivation.   I’ve been pulling from deep within myself to seriously crush my personal goals and make sure that I stay on track in all aspects of my life.  …

Casual Summer Vibes


I’ve heard people say that most bloggers only wear things once and then never again and while this might be true for some,…

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